Here’s the post where I gather links to all books, novellas, and comics I’ll read 2019. And a challenge summary.

Action/adventure (5) 3
action heroine (15) 10
comics (24) 12
Helsinki library’s (helmet) challenge (50) 9
Mount TBR (24) 4
Pick&Mix (20) 6

1, F.J. Blair: The Delivery of Flesh (helmet)
2, James Lovegrove: Firefly: Big Damn Hero (p&m, helmet)
3, Martha Wells: Artificial condition (p&m)
4, H. G. Wells: The Time Machine (p&m, helemt)
5, Zara Altair: The Roman Heir (helmet)
6, Rebecca Moesta, ed: Fiction River: Superpowers (tbr, helmet)
7, Jules Verne: The Journey to the Center of the Earth (p&m)

1, Rogue & Gambit: Ring of Fire
2, Avengers Prime

8, Resa Nelson: Berserk (helmet)
9, Zara Altair: The Vellum Scribe
10, James S. A. Corey: Abaddon’s Gate (tbr)
11, V. E. Schwab: A Darker Shade of Magic (p&m)
12, Elizabeth Peters: Trojan Gold (tbr)

3, X-Men Gold vol. 1: Back to Basics
4, Siege
5, Battle Angel Alita, vol 1

13,Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tanar of Pellucidar (tbr)
14, Neil Clarke, ed.: The Final Frontier (p&m)
15, Alis S. Rasmussen: The Labyrinth Gate (tbr)
16, Alison Morton: Successio (ah, a/a)
18, Greg Cox: Q-Zone (p&m)
19, Greg Cox: Q-Strike (p&m)

6, Wonder Woman vol 1: Who is Wonder Woman?
7, Wonder Woman vol. 1: Blood
8, Wonder Woman vol. 2: Guts
9, Battle Angel Alita, vol 2: Tears of an Angel
10, Battle Angel Alita, vol 3: Killing Angel

20, Wilkie Martin: Inspector Hobbs and the Blood
21, Trish Heinrich: Fahrenheit’s Ghost
22, David Mack: Desperate Hours (p&m)

11, Mr and Mrs X vol 1: Love and Marriage (action heroine)
12, Wonder Woman vol. 3: The Circle
13, Wonder Woman vol. 4: Ends of the Earth