The Triangle has 10 episodes, available from The Triangle’s page at Serial Box starting April 24th.

Publisher: Serial Box 2019
Writers: Dan Koboldt, Mindy McGinnis, and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley.
Format: eARC

In the previous episode, our heroes shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the middle of a storm. They also found a little girl, Olivia, who was apparently a survivor of one the planes who had previously disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. How had the girl survived and who else might be on the island? In fact, how is it possible that the large island, with a mountain, isn’t in any charts? Another storm rose and Olivia led the group to relative safety in a nearby cave where they fell asleep.

One of the group, a soldier called Miller, had been grievously wounded in the crash but when the group wakes up, she’s gone with no hint of why she’s left. Indeed, since she was unconscious when the group fell asleep, McBride is wondering if someone or something has kidnapped her. However, vice admiral Segarra is convinced that they would have woken if someone had entered the cave. Segarra and McBride start to search her. Meanwhile, Dumont is searching for anything to use as an antenna so that she could sent a distress signal. St Clair is building a shelter for them, to use a base of operations. They have very little water left and no food.

Segarra and McBride found another inhabitant, an old man. Segarra tries to talk with him but he answered by getting his gun and takes a few shots, but deliberately missing them. The group is mystified. Then their bottles of water disappear and even though they have only about an hour of daylight left, they need to search for water.

Now, the team members’ specialties are showing. Dumont and St Clair are both very focused on their own task, St Clair with building the shelter and getting food while Dumont searches for anything useful to fix the radio. Hammond, on the other hand, is very worried. He’s worried about the little girl who vanishes for most of the day and that nobody will find them or this island. He’s also attracted to Dumont but I’m pretty sure that’s one-sided. McBride is again the comic relief. While he and Segarra are looking for Miller, McBride talks about how he and Segarra can write a book about their experience and the book tour. He’s also the first to suggest supernatural events or aliens as the reason for everything.

This episode gives us more mysteries and ends in a huge cliffhanger. The characters are focusing on different things and getting frustrated because the others don’t agree on what’s most important. This brings some friction between them. The pace is somewhat slower than in the previous episode but we get to know the characters a bit better. The cliffhanger is, of course, a great way to read the next episode.

I’m getting a strong “Lost” vibe with this episode. I was hugely disappointed with the last season of that show so I’m just hoping that the authors know what they’re doing. 🙂