2020 reading challenges

In GoodReads, the Action Heroine group is once again doing the
Action heroine fans yearly challenge. I’ve joined it with the initial goal of 20 books.

This will be the third year that I’m participated in this challenge. You can count in comics, books, novellas, reread, library books, tbr books, collections, so it’s pretty easy.

Just before Christmas, I bought five Buffy books from a second hand bookstore and I have a stack of Buffy comics, too, so I’m starting with them.

Books read
1, Cameron Dokey: Here be Monsters
2, Alison Morton: Insurrectio

This is the post where I gather all my reviews for this year.

reading challenges
action heroines (20) 2
vintage (2) 2
mount tbr (24) 2
pick&mix (10) 2
action/adventure bingo 3 (5)

1, Jack Vance: The Dirdir (vintage)
2, Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius: Espionage and Covert Operations: A Global History
3, Cameron Dokey: Here be Monsters (tbr, aa)
4, Jack Vance: The Pnume (p&m, vintage, aa)
5, P. Djèlí Clark: The Haunting of Tram Car 015 (p&m)
6, Alison Morton: Insurrectio (tbr, ah, a/a)

1, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita

7, Sean Parnell: Man of War
8, Trevol Swift: Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey
9, Jana DeLeon: Lethal Bayou Beauty

2, Star Trek: TNG: the Space Between

I’m again joining the Pick&Mix reading challenge but my initial goal is only 10 books.

I’ve quite a few books for the Mount TBR challenge so I’m aiming to read less from the library. However, any new audiobooks or ebooks will go to this challenge, too.

Books read:
1, Jack Vance: The Dirdir
2, P. Djèlí Clark: The Haunting of Tram Car 015
3, Jack Vance: The Pnume

January is the Vintage SciFi Month, hosted by the Little Red Reviewer.

I’m going to continue Jack Vance’s Planet of Adventure series with “the Dirdir” and “the Pnume”. I have the whole series as audiobooks.

1, Jack Vance: The Dirdir
2, Jack Vance: The Pnume

I enjoyed the Mount TBR challenge last year even though I didn’t quite reach my goal of 24 books. But I still have lots and lots of unread books so I’m going to
join Mount TBR 2020 with the same goal of 24 books.

Like last year, I’m adding my Fiction River e-books and StoryBundle e-books into the TBR pool in addition to the physical copies but not audiobooks even though I have still unlistened audiobooks from last year.

Books read:
1, Cameron Dokey: Here be Monsters
2, Alison Morton: Insurrectio