Collects Avengers Prime 1-5.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer

This series is set right after Siege (where Norman Osborn led the Avengers and apparently used the Iron Man suit). I think I’ve only read the X-Men side of that.

After the events of Siege Cap is mad at Iron Man and Iron Man is trying to defend himself. However, they try to work together when Asgard falls to Earth and the Avengers investigate. However, Steve and Tony snipe at each other the whole time so much that even Thor suggests they leave. Then the remnants of the Rainbow Bridge activate and sends Thor, Steve, and Tony away. Each ends up alone in a fantasy type setting. It turns out that the Nine Realms are in chaos and everyone blames Thor. When Steve tells the elves that he’s a friend of Thor, he’s attacked. When Tony tells the ogres the same thing, he’s knocked unconscious and stripped of his armor. Meanwhile, Thor is battling the big bad boss.

This is a fun adventure without much deeper significance. The trio save each other while Steve and Tony are reminded how much they care for each other. The funniest part was Tony stripped naked and then Steve comes to his rescue in full armor. Steve also has a brief romance with a girl whose name we don’t know until the last issue. I guess she’s there to reassure the (male) readers that our heroes are heteros and that Tony and Steve are just friends no matter how much male bonding the story has.

Awesome art, as usual from Davis. I loved the massive battle scenes with a dragon and the various Nine Realms creatures.