Rocket scientist Sabrina Thompson has a Kickstarter project to fund a space travel suit for women.

Two days to go and it’s only a couple of thousand dollars short of the goal.

2022 Holiday Spectacular is live on Kickstarter!

Basically, it’s an expanded fiction Advent Calendar. Every day from American Thanksgiving (November 24th) through January 1st, 2023, all supporters of this campaign will get an original holiday story delivered to them every day to read on any device.

The stories are all original and written by over thirty different professional writers and edited by Hugo Award winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch. And no one but Kris and a couple people at WMG Publishing know which story you will get each day. That’s part of the fun.

This year, the three themes are “Candy Cane Kisses”, “Crooked Little Christmas”, and “Time Travel Holidays.” I’m particularly looking forward to those time travel stories.

10 days to go. It’s already funded and passed three stretch goals so every pledger will get three extra stories. The project has two very interesting workshops for writers: How to Write a Hardboiled Holiday Story and How to Write a Secrets Holiday Story.

I stumbled on a fun Kickstarter project: Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-Ups. Each story pairs two classic characters. The character and authors are:

The character and authors are:

  •  Captain Nemo meets Frankenstein’s monster (Kevin J. Anderson)
  • Prospero meets Don Quixote de la Mancha (David Mack)
  •  Dr. Moreau meets Audrey II (Scott Sigler)
  •  Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde meet Dracula and John Henry (Derek Tyler Attico)
  •  Ace Harlem meets the Conjure-Man (Maurice Broaddus)
  •  Marian of Sherwood meets Annie Oakley (Rigel Ailur)
  •  Gulliver meets Sacajawea and Ernest Shackleton (Diana Dru Botsford)
  •  Van Helsing meets Athena and the Medusa (Jennifer Brody)
  •  Lord Ruthven meets Lydia Bennet (Delilah S. Dawson)
  •  Bastet and Fenrir meet Quetzalcoatl (Ben H. Rome)
  •  Dan Fowler meets Stinger Seave (James Reasoner)
  •  Captain Battle meets Blackout (Dayton Ward)
  •  Ayesha, a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed, meets Egungun-oya (Keith R.A. DeCandido)
  •  Flaxman Low meets Mezzanotte (Nancy Holder & Alan Philipson)
  • And finally, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die must survive the Night of the Living Dead (Greg Cox)

I’m not familiar with all of these characters but most of them sound like a lot of fun.

The project started recently so they need about 7,000 dollars more. 27 days to go.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a new Kickstarter project: a new novel in her Fey fantasy series!

It’s already funded and hit the fifth stretch goal. That means that every backer over 5 dollars will get five Rusch fantasy short stories. Us writers get motivational videos.

Among the pledges are two writing workshops: How to write magic systems and Combining Steampunk with fantasy.

Five days to go.

Zombies Need Brains is funding four new SFF anthologies through Kickstarter: Dragonesque, Game on!, Solar Flare, and Artifice & Craft.

Nine days to go and they need about 8,000 dollars more.

Apex Magazine has a subscription drive for the year 2023 through Kickstarter. It’s already funded and has three days to go

Zombies Need Brains is funding four new SFF anthologies through Kickstarter.

23 days to go.

“In DRAGONESQUE, you’ll experience an anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories told from, or through, or with, the dragon’s point of view. High fantasy, sword & sorcery, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, magical realism, and of course science fiction…DRAGONESQUE will feature a wealth of genres that even a dragon would be tempted to horde.”

“In GAME ON!, we’re looking for unique science fiction and fantasy takes on games, game playing, and games in culture. A game or games—real or imagined—should be central to the story in some fashion.” Not sports, though.

“SOLAR FLARE will envision a future where humanity has embraced the Earth and learned to co-exist with it, not simply on it, where sustainability is a way of life, not merely a catch phrase. Join us as these stellar authors share their visions of a hopeful tomorrow.”

“Art is everywhere. Our drive and ability to create for the sake of creativity defines us as a species and enriches our cultures, our societies, our lives. The best of these works of art, from novels to paintings to statues to music, are imbued with a special kind of magic. But when that magic is literal—when Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray ages instead of the actual man, and Mozart’s Magic Flute plays its protective song—art takes on a whole new meaning. In ARTIFICE & CRAFT, we invite writers of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other speculative fiction to spin their own tales of works of art that have been enchanted, hexed, charmed, or cursed.”

Uncanny Magazine’s Year 9 Kickstarter fund drive is live. It’s already funded and reached the second stretch goal!

25 days to go.

Dean Wesley Smith has a Kickstarter for Pulphouse Magazine subscription.

It’s already funded with 15,000 dollars so it’s reached the fourth stretch goal. Among the pledges are two very interesting workshops for writers: “Things get Worse” and “Finding and believing in your writing voice”.

Three days to go.

Strange Horizons has a Kickstarter fund drive:

Strange Horizons is a speculative fiction magazine, available free online, published every Monday. We began in September 2000. In the last year, Strange Horizons and our translation-focused sibling magazine, Samovar, have published nearly a million words of speculative fiction, poetry, essays, round tables, interviews, and reviews.

Since our inception, we have been entirely funded by voluntary contributions, both from readers and the volunteer labor of our editors. We pay all authors and artists fair market rates for their work, and want to continue doing so in the coming years.

18 days to go and it needs about 4,000 dollars to be fully funded.

Storybundle has two very interesting bundles:

Twisted Fairytales: “Fairytales are near and dear to my heart – but TWISTED tales are even better! As a reader, I love it when authors take the old and familiar and fold it into strange new shapes, flipping the roles of hero and villain, adding unexpected romance, and blending together strands of different classic stories to make something altogether new and enthralling. So when I had the opportunity to curate this collection, I leaped on it like a starving grandma on a poor innocent wolf…

In this StoryBundle you’ll find eleven thrilling twists on Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, Alice in Wonderland, Mulan, and more, from award-winning and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, which includes an anthology packed with eerie retellings of your favorite tales.”

22 days to go.

And 200 Sci-Fi Worlds: “We’ve included fifteen sci-fi anthologies and collections showcasing 139 authors and more than 200 individual stories, but it’s available for a limited time only! This StoryBundle features a wide variety of themes – fighting climate change, exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, future crime, hopepunk, sci-fi zombies, space marines, exosapiens, LGBTQ+ heroes, and so much more. With 139 authors, chances are that you’ll find some new writers to love.”

8 days to go.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a starter kit of ten of her series at Kickstarter.

The stories include:

  • “The Santa Series (fantasy holiday romance)… Up on the Rooftop (novella)
  • The Whale Rock Series (Seavy County) (dark fantasy)…The Women of Whale Rock (short story)
  • The Sweet Young Things Series (hard-boiled mystery, crime)…Sweet Young Things (short story)
  • The Fates Universe (fantasy romance)…Simply Irresistible (novel)
  • The Faerie Justice Series (dark historical fantasy)…Dark Corners (short story)
  • Spade/Paladin Series (mystery, private detective at sf conventions)…Stomping Mad (short story)
  • The Smokey Dalton Series (historical mystery, private detective)…A Dangerous Road (novel)
  • The Fey Series (epic fantasy)…The Sacrifice (novel)
  • The Retrieval Artist Series (sf thriller, space opera)…The Disappeared (novel)
  • The Diving Series (space opera, military sf)… Diving into the Wreck (novel)”

It’s already funded and reached two stretch goals, so everyone will get also Killer advice (an SF novella) and the Scottish Play (a fantasy novella). For writers, the pledges include two very interesting writing workshops.

9 days to go.

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