I’ve been writing for many years but in 2020 I started to publish my stories on Amazon.

Robin Hood stories

Fairies in Sherwood series

This is a historical fantasy series. Robin Hood, his wife Marian, Little John, Will Scarlet, and all the other familiar Merry Men adventure in medieval Sherwood. But the forest has also fairies who can be wicked or merely mischevious. But when mortals meet fairies, often the mortals lose. All stories are stand-alone.

Robin Hood and the Fairy Knight


Marian and her husband Robin Hood are trying to save a young girl from a horrible marriage. But a fairy kidnaps her right in front of their eyes. Can Marian and Robin rescue her before she’s lost forever?

Happy Christmas Robin Hood


The ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham has cancelled the Christmas feast for the poor. But Robin Hood has barely time to wonder what’s going on, when he’s knocked unconscious. He wakes up in a cart, tied up. Next to him is the Sheriff, also a prisoner. Can they overcome their loathing for each other long enough to escape?

Robin Hood and the Impostors


A powerful fairy envious of Robin Hood’s fame enlists three vicious killers to impersonate the Merry Men. Can Robin find the killers before they destroy his good name and the villagers betray him to the sheriff?

Tales from Sherwood series

The people of Nottingham live in fear of their malevolent Sheriff. Robin Hood is their only hope.

Robin Hood: the Wrath of the Earl of Huntingdon


Robin Hood and Earl of Huntingdon are not the same person but enemies. How did this happen? It all boils down to a desperate young woman and a chance encounter with Robin.

Joan is a young maid in the household of the Earl of Huntingdon. She and the Earl’s youngest son, Lord Gerard, have fallen in love. When Joan becomes pregnant, they plan to marry.

But the Earl orders Lord Gerard to marry a Baron’s daughter. Penniless and alone, Joan flees the castle and encounters Robin Hood. Can he help the desperate lovers?

Robin Hood: the Wrath of the Earl of Huntingdon is a historical adventure novella set in medieval times. It will delight readers looking for a lighthearted, fun read.

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  1. The Hook Says:

    Always great to meet a fellow author.
    Keep up the good work, Mervi.

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