Wonder Woman movie is coming out next month!
I’ve seen the trailers and they look good. However, I’ve heard that it hasn’t been publicized much in the US, which is sad. Apparently, they’re already advertising the upcoming Justice League, Aquaman, and Flash movies more. 😦 It almost feels like WarnerBros is undercutting WW, after spending millions on making it. Of course, that’s not the first time: Disney did it with John Carter.

I don’t know what us fans can do, but to see it early and often. I intend to go and see Wonder Woman as soon as possible but since I don’t live in US, apparently I don’t count. 😦

But it there anything else I can do?

I saw 23 movies in the theater last year, some of them more than once. Overall, most of them were in the ”ok but nothing special” category. But the best were:

1, Gravity
I saw this in gorgeous 3D and I’m seriously considering seeing it again. Now this is the kind of space movie I’d love to see more of. There’s really no need to have enemies or shoot out battles in space. Space itself is already a pretty darn hard “adversary”.

2, Despicable me 2
The best animation (for me) this year. I’m notoriously adverse to the (meeting and courtship) romance storyline but I really loved the movie.

3, Thor 2
So I like comics. And I like action movies with four (count them: Sif, Frigga, Jane, Darcy) women with names and speaking parts. And the heroine coming to the final confrontation in rubber boots!

4, Iron Man 3
This turned out to be quite different than what I had expected. But definitely in a good way.

5, Hunger Games 2
I’ve only read the first book in the series and have no plans to read the rest. So, it was quite surprising that I liked the movie a lot.

6, Hobbit 2
Smaug! (and Legolas…I’m a hetero woman, what do you expect :))

7, Cloud Atlas
Another surprise. It has lots of intertwining storylines and I enjoyed all of them. I also really, really liked that the same actors were used in different roles and different make-up/cloths. I intend to read the book this year.

A bit surprisingly, there were more than a few movies which sounded great at first but which I didn’t see after reading some reviews, such as Jack the Giant Killer and After Earth. I also didn’t see G. I. Joe 2 and based on the reviews, I made the right call there.

I went to see 22 new movies in the theaters and planned on seeing two more. However, Underworld 4 and Resident Evil 4 weren’t shown in theaters here and I still haven’t seen Resident evil 4.
I bought only two movies which have come out 2012 and which I’ve seen already. Most likely, I’ll get the Hobbit at some point but now I’m thinking about waiting until they release a box set with all three movies.

The best new movies

4, Iron Sky
I’m of course biased because the production team is Finnish. Still, I think it was a very entertaining comedy.

3, ParaNorman
Surprisingly funny and the best new animated movie I saw this year.

2, John Carter
Sure, there are moments there I would have done differently but seeing Sola and Tars Tarkas on the big screen was just… wonderful. And Dejah Thoris was spot on! I was more than a little concerned about her beforehand but she pretty much stole every scene she was in.

1, Avengers
I went to see it five times in the theater. This is the way to do a comic book movie!

Movies 2013
All of the movies I’m eagerly waiting for are sequels: Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2… I’ll probably watch Superman, but I’m not really sure what to expect. I was also a bit surprised to see just how many sci-fi movies are coming out next year (After Earth, Oblivion, Singularity, Ender’s Game, Pacific Rim…)

Best new to me TV

3, Once upon a time
To my surprise one of the Finnish channels started to show this and I was hooked. I really enjoy the scenes in the Fantasyland, especially the back stories of various characters.

2, FlashForward
A fascinating concept that was cut off way too soon. I’m planning to read the book the show was based on.

1, Fringe
The first two season were available in the Finnish Netflix. At first I was annoyed at how many of the episodes on seasons 1 and 2 were stand-alones. But I’ve just started season 3 and… This! This is the way to do alternate universes! Win! I really hope the show will continue to be this awesome.

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. It’s a re imagining of the Snow White fairy tale and aimed at a younger audience. It’s also a comedy rather than a drama.

I enjoyed it. The tale starts with the evil Queen and she says that this is her story, but of course it isn’t. The Queen is portrayed, traditionally, as vain and selfish. She extorts taxes from her poor subjects to finance her balls. The enchanted mirror isn’t just a mirror but a gateway to a magical realm where the Queen talks with the magical creature in the mirror. She isn’t a sorceress but asks the mirror to do all the magical things in the movie. She also either doesn’t understand the costs or doesn’t really know much about them. Unfortunately, all this made her a shallow character.

Snow White starts as a meek and down trodden girl whom the Queen doesn’t allow to leave her room even during Snow’s birthday. It takes outside prodding for her to leave her room and see what the Queen has done to Snow’s country. However, once she has taken her fate to her hands, I rather enjoyed her. Especially after she meets the dwarfs. However, it felt strange that she grew into such a decisive woman in such a short time.

The dwarfs were probably the funniest people in the movie. I won’t spoil them but they aren’t miners. The masked ball was also very funny. Most of the characters dressed up as various Alice in Wonderland characters with the Queen as the Red Queen, of course, and her long suffering senechalk as the white rabbit. Snow had a swan costume, though.

The ending was extremely convenient but perhaps that’s to be expected with a comedy and a fairy tale movie. Still, I quite enjoyed this one and I’m looking forward to the Snow White and the Huntsman which should be aimed at an adult audience.

In Heroine Content a guest has written interesting reviews of the three Matrix movies looking especially the way that the movies treat race and gender. I’m a fan of all three Matrix movies and I strongly agree with the reviews.
Matrix reloaded
Matrix Revolutions

It’s been almost ten years since the third one came out and I’m still waiting for an action heroine who is even half as cool as Trinity or Niobe (and they’re both in Matrix 2 and 3!). Unfortunately, it seems that Hollywood is doing its best to marginalize female characters, especially in action films.