Happy new year to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful year 2019!


Happy holidays to everyone who’s celebrating!

Storybundle has a great new offering: SFWA Space Bundle is available for 21 days more. It has 20 books for just 15 dollars.

Humble Bundle’s book bundle Super Nebula Author Showcase 2018 has also a great selection of SF titles for a low price.

Storybundle is currently offering three interesting bundles:
Feminist Futures is available for 20 days while Sorcery and Steam , and Young Adult Variety are available for six more days.

They all have interesting collections of ebooks. Sorcery and Steam has Fiction River: Alchemy and Steam as part of the basic bundle.

Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating!

National Novel Writing Month is again approaching. Inkitt has a free event to all NaNo novelists called writerswrite. It will have free individual writing coaching sessions, Q&A’s with famous authors such as Andy Weir, Lauren Kate, etc. a writing buddy system and other stuff.

Sounds like it could a great help!

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