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The second book in the Prophecies trilogy.

Publication year: 2011
Format: ebook, pdf
Page count: 201

The first book in the series, Dreams Unleashed, was a psychological thriller which focused on Ann Torgueson’s past and present as a former CIA operative and a current member of the underground resistance moment GOG, Get Out Government. The second book is firmly set in the present when Ann’s life changes irrevocably. There are a few scenes set in the past but not as many as in the first book. Guardian of Time continues from the first book, so I strongly recommend reading it before reading this one. Each chapter has a heading with the year and the place where the chapter is set, which is very helpful.

Guardian of Time is set in the year 2015 where the governments have trampled people’s rights in the name of safety. Everyone is tracked with implanted chips and government operatives can even listen in on people inside their own houses. GOG is the secret organization made up of individuals who oppose the governments’ actions.

Ann Torgueson is a widow, a mother of an adult daughter, and a technical writer working for AlterHydro. When she was younger, she was part of CIA’s paranormal espionage section and was trained to use her paranormal abilities. She can remote view accurately things that are happening far away and things which have happened in the past. She quit working for CIA and is now working with AlterHydro, and very few people know about her past.

However, when she’s accused of corporate espionage, her comfortable life starts to change. When one of her friends tells her that he’s in huge trouble, Ann looks for a way to help him and finds that she has new paranormal abilities. Ann’s new abilities are so strong that the US government wants her no matter what the cost. However, Ann wants to help GOG and not the government.

The plot is fast-paced and has a lot of twists which I don’t want to spoil. This time, Ann travels a lot outside US and the places are described well. The pacing is good and Ann has to face both personal and larger challenges.

There are a lot of new characters in the book and few minor characters turn into major ones. Most of the characters are other GOG members and Ann has an easy camaraderie with them. Sometimes, I felt that she trusted them a little too easily, but I guess GOG researches the candidates thoroughly so Ann had no reason to distrust them. Most of them are met only briefly and they have the same goals as Ann.

Also, Ann develops very strong new abilities. However, she and the people around her seem to accept them quite easily. I was a bit surprised by this. Even if you have some supernatural abilities, or have seen others use them, I think these abilities are so strong, and dangerous, that people would naturally be inclined to not believe such things are possible or fear them. Here they are accepted as part of Ann’s destiny and the biggest fear is that the government would get their hands on Ann. I’m very curious to see where the third book will take Ann and her new abilities.

We get some answers to questions which were left open in the previous book and some startling new information. Guardian of Time is a great continuation to Dreams Unleashed and doesn’t suffer from the usual middle book syndrome where the story can stall so that it’s not ended too soon.

The book ends in a cliffhanger.

Please give a warm welcome to my first ever guest blogger: Linda Hawley.

Today in this guest blog, I’d like to talk about my use of current events in Dreams Unleashed (book one of The Prophecies trilogy).

Here is one of the greatest aspects of being an Indie author: short lead-time before publication. Once I complete a manuscript, it goes to four test readers, who have a week to read, review, and fill out a survey. When they return them, I do a rewrite that takes about a week. Then, the new version of the manuscript goes to my content editor. The editing process takes about one month, and I do two rewrites. Publication preparation takes about a week or so. Therefore, from the time I complete the manuscript, I can be published in seven weeks. In comparison, publishing in a traditional route (i.e. New York publishing houses) takes 1 to 1 ½ years…yes, I did say years…before the novel is published. Because of the short lead time in Indie publishing, I can include current events in my novels that draw readers into my stories.

Let me give you an example. During the recent Tsunami in Japan, Dreams Unleashed was in the editing process. Since I was doing a rewrite, I decided to create a natural consequence (four years into the future) to the Asian fishing industry, as a result of the nuclear meltdowns caused by the Tsunami. Readers like to consider how current events may play out in the future.

In my first version of Dreams Unleashed (before it went to test readers or was edited), I had a many more current events in the manuscript. So much so that it became distracting to the reader. In the editing process, I lost 20,000 words! My editor made sure that if the event didn’t move the plot forward, or improve the characterizations, it had to go. So every current even in the novel now are all critical pieces that will unfold as the story does in the trilogy.

I see the trilogy as a way to voice some of the frustrations of the citizens of the world. In weaving those current events into the plot and subplots, I believe that I am making a bit of difference in the world. That is very satisfying for me, in a fictional story. It will be interesting to see what world events will be revealed as I finish writing book two of The Prophecies trilogy (to be published this summer).

I hope that you—the reader—will appreciate how I have fleshed out the characters in Dreams Unleashed, and that you will be hooked enough to want to read the rest of the trilogy.

Thank you for reading my stories,
Linda Hawley

Dreams Unleashed synopsis:
It’s the future year of 2015, where technology governs life. No one on the globe is free from being tracked through government RFID. The worldwide underground organization, GOG, is the one group equipped to fight against citizens’ loss of privacy. Ann Torgeson is a technical writer working for a tidal energy company—living a seemingly normal life in the Pacific Northwest—when her vivid dreams turn real. Is her training as a paranormal CIA agent when she was nineteen years old now altering the doorway between her subconscious and reality? When Ann starts to dig into her past, her present begins to unravel, leading the reader through events that twist and turn everything upside down. Question everything you know is essential in this dystopian trilogy.

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A psychological thriller set in the year 2015 with a lot of paranormal elements. It’s first in a trilogy and rest of the series are going to be released before December this year. The author kindly sent me review copy.

Publication year: 2011
Page count: Kindle doesn’t have page numbers
Size: 411 KB
Publisher: Nouveau Publishing Company
Format: ebook

Ann Torgeson is a technical writer for AlterHydro, a company that specializes in alternate energy. She has also vivid dreams of other places where she’s hunted by US government agents. Years ago, she was a CIA agent and trained in the use of her paranormal abilities. Now, she’s starting to suspect that dreams might be more than just dreams.

It’s the year 2015 and because of the threat of terrorism, all countries are monitoring their citizens. RFID chips are commonplace on driver’s licenses and ID cards, and even in some people. Since houses usually have a central computer, the government can monitor the occupants, too. One organization is striking back: GOG, Get Out, Government!. It provides its members with technology that can defeat the house listening devices but can also give the members dangerous missions. Ann is a member of GOG and she’s sent on a mission to Canada, to interview a new member candidate. The US government considers GOG terrorists so if the members are captured, the cost is high.

The book focuses on Ann’s past and present. She seems to be an atypical main character: she’s in her forties, a widow, and has a daughter who is in college. She has a Brittany dog called Lulu and Ann can even take her dog with her to her job. She’s attracted to one of her co-workers but is fighting the attraction because she doesn’t think that dating a co-worker is a good idea. She’s also determined and stubborn when she’s hunting for answers. She feels that the US government is on the wrong path when it restricts civil liberties and she’s feels that she’s a patriot when she fights the government as a member of the GOG. Ever since Ann was a child, she has been able to dream vividly. However, during her years in the CIA, she was trained to use her abilities and now her dreams feel almost real. Ann is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever read about.

Her late husband Armand is in many flashbacks and they seem to have a happy, almost idyllic, life together before his tragic death a few years ago. Her daughter Elinor is away on collage and is mostly seen in the flashbacks when she’s younger. Ann has a pretty eclectic group of friends raging from her nerdy co-workers, to green energy enthusiasts, and to her ex-boss in the CIA’s paranormal office. As a dog-lover, I really enjoyed Ann’s dog Lulu who runs on the treadmill next to Ann and travel with her to conventions.

The world is dystopian: the government is the evil Big Brother keeping people safe even against their will. Yet, the characters aren’t depressed or desperate. They try to live their normal lives which includes laughter, too.

Since the book is set in the near future, current day events and politics are referenced.

The book ends in a cliffhanger, so I’m glad that the rest of the series is coming out this year.

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Linda Hawley will guest blog here in my blog next Tuesday.

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