Serials with multiple authors

The Triangle
The Triangle: Episode 1: The Gathering Storm by Dan Koboldt
The Triangle: Episode 2: Mr. Babbit by Mindy McGinnis
The Triangle: Episode 3: the Moon People by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
The Triangle: Episode 4: We are not alone by Dan Koboldt
The Triangle: Episode 5: Castaways by Mindy McGinnis
The Triangle: Episode 6: Dark Demonstrations by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
The Triangle: Episode 7: The Cold War by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
The Triangle: Episode 8: Revelations by Dan Koboldt
The Triangle: Episode 9: What was lost by Mindy McGinnis
The Triangle: Episode 10: False Intentions by Dan Koboldt


David Baldacci: The Innocent

Russell Blake: Fatal Exchange

Dan Brown: Origin

Rachel Caine: Stillhouse Lake

Clive Cussler: Deep Six

David Dodge: To Catch a Thief

Seeley James: Element 42

Duane Lindsay: The Grifter’s Daughter

Peter O’Donnell: Modesty Blaise
Peter O’Donnell: Saber-Tooth
Peter O’Donnell: I, Lucifer
Peter O’Donnell: The Impossible Virgin
Peter O’Donnell: The Silver Mistress
Peter O’Donnell: Last Day in Limbo
Peter O’Donnell: The Night of the Morningstar

Peter O’Donnell: Dead Man’s Handle

Peter O’Donnell: Pieces of Modesty

Sean Parnell: Man of War

Justin W. M. Roberts: The Policewoman

Nick Thacker: The Depths

Roderick Thorp: Nothing lasts forever

Lauren Gunderson: the Half-Life of Marie Curie

Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius: Espionage and Covert Operations: A Global History

Peter Ackroyd: London Under
Athena’s Daughters: Television’s New Women Warriors (The Television Series)
R. R. Subramanyam, Shobhit Mahajan, Archana Madhukar: The Story of Science: From Antiquity to Present

Jeff VanderMeer: The Steampunk Bible

Lloyd Alexander: The El Dorado Adventure

Kimberli A. Bindschatel: Operation Tropical Affair

Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Fiction River special edition: Crime
Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Fiction River: Past Crimes
Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Fiction River: Hidden in Crime

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, ed.: Fiction River: Justice

Patricia Loofbourrow: The Jacq of Spades

Michael P. Naughton: Deathryde: A Rebel without a Corpse

Historical fiction
Peter Elbling: the Food Taster

M.C. Frank: Hood

Anton Gill: City on the Horizon

Nathan Makaryk: Nottingham

Baroness Orczy: The Scarlet Pimpernel
Baroness Orczy: The Elusive Pimpernel

Historical mystery

Zara Altair: The Roman Heir
Zara Altair: The Vellum Scribe

Zara Altair: The Grain Merchant

Rhys Bowen: Her Royal Spyness

Hayley Camille: A Woman’s Work is Never Done

Sarah D’Almeida: Death of a Musketeer

Paul Doherty: the House of Death
Paul Doherty: The Mask of Ra

Margaret Doody: Aristotle Detective

Alexandre Dumas, père: The Three Musketeers
Alexandre Dumas, père: Vingt ans après

Cecily Gayford ed.: Murder under the Christmas tree

Dorothy Gilman: The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

Kerry Greenwood: Cocaine Blues
Kerry Greenwood: Murder on the Ballarat Train
Kerry Greenwood: Death at Victoria Dock
Kerry Greenwood: The Green Hill Murder
Kerry Greenwood: Blood and Circuses
Kerry Greenwood: Ruddy Gore
Kerry Greenwood: Urn Burial
Kerry Greenwood: Raisins and Almonds
Kerry Greenwood: Death Before Wicket
Kerry Greenwood: Away with the Fairies
Kerry Greenwood: Murder in Montparnasse
Kerry Greenwood: Castlemaine Murders
Kerry Greenwood: Queen of the Flowers
Kerry Greenwood: Death by Water
Kerry Greenwood: Murder in the Dark
Kerry Greenwood: Murder on a Midsummer Night
Kerry Greenwood: Dead Man’s Chest
Kerry Greenwood: Unnatural Habits
Kerry Greenwood: Murder and Mendelssohn

Tarquin Hall: The Case of the Man who Died Laughing
Lauren Haney: The Right Hand of Amon

Sophie Hannah: Closed Casket

Indrek Hargia: Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St Olaf’s Church

Tom Harper: Mosaic of Shadows

Anthony Hope: The Prisoner of Zenda


Catharina Ingleman-Sundberg: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

Catharine Ingelman-Sundberg: The Little Old Lady who Struck Lucky Again!

Laurie R. King: the Beekeeper’s Apprentice

Giulio Leoni: The Mosaic Crimes

Carol McCleary: The Alchemy of Murder

Ian Morson: City of the Dead

Alison Morton: Aurelia
Alison Morton: Insurrectio
Alison Morton: Retalio

Kris Nelscott: A Dangerous Road
Kris Nelscott: Smoke-Filled Rooms
Kris Nelscott: Thin Walls
Kris Nelscott: Stone Cribs
Kris Nelscott: War at Home
Kris Nelscott: Days of Rage

Brent Nichols: Gears of a Mad God: A Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure

Anne Perry: The Face of a Stranger

Elizabeth Peters: Crocodile on the Sandbank
Elizabeth Peters: The Curse of the Pharaohs
Elizabeth Peters: The Mummy Case
Elizabeth Peters: Lion in the Valley
Elizabeth Peters: Deed of the Disturber
Elizabeth Peters: The Last Camel Died at Noon
Elizabeth Peters: The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog
Elizabeth Peters: The Hippopotamus Pool
Elizabeth Peters: Seeing a Large Cat
Elizabeth Peters: The Ape that Guards the Balance
Elizabeth Peters: The Falcon at the Portal
Elizabeth Peters: He Shall Thunder in the Sky
Elizabeth Peters: Lord of the Silent
Elizabeth Peters: The Golden One
Elizabeth Peters: Children of the Storm
Elizabeth Peters: The Serpent on the Crown
Elizabeth Peters: Guardian of the Horizon

Lynda S. Robinson: Murder in the Place of Anubis
Lynda S. Robinson: Murder at the God’s Gate
Lynda S. Robinson: Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing
Lynda S. Robinson: Eater of Souls
Lynda S. Robinson: Drinker of Blood
Lynda S. Robinson: Slayer of Gods

John Maddox Roberts: SPQR I: the King’s Gambit


Steven Saylor: Roman Blood
José Carlos Somoza: The Athenian Murders

Judith Tarr: King and Goddess

Robert W. Walker: Shadows in the White City

Jenny White: The Sultan’s Seal

Phillip L. Wray: The Pontcourt murders: A Charles de la Forêt mystery

Phillip L. Wray: Murder in the Marais


John Yeoman: Dream of Darkness


Donna Andrews: Murder with Peacocks

Susan Wittig Albert: Thyme of Death

Stacey Alabaster: A Pie to Die For

Jefferson Bass: Devil’s Bones
Mikkel Birkegaard: The Library of Shadows

Lawrence Block: The Burglar in the Closet

Kate Carlisle: Homicide in Hardcover

Amanda Cross: In the Last Analysis
Agatha Christie: A Pocket Full of Rye
Agatha Christie: The Body in the Library
Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington
Agatha Christie: Towards Zero
Agatha Christie: Murder in Mesopotamia

Agatha Christie: The Moving Finger

Amanda Cross: In the Last Analysis

C. Hope Clark: Lowcountry Bribe

Matthew Costello, Neil Richards: Murder on Thames

Matthew Costello, Neil Richards: Mystery at the Manor

Matthew Costello, Neil Richards: Murder in the Moonlight

R. C. Daniells: The Price of Fame
Jefferey Deaver: The Bone Collector

Jana DeLeon: Lethal Bayou Beauty

Carole Nelson Douglas: Catnap

Carola Dunn: Death at Wentwater Court

Kerry Greenwood: Earthly Delights
Kerry Greenwood: Heavenly Pleasures
Kerry Greenwood: Devil’s Food
Kerry Greenwood: Trick or Treat

Lee Goldberg: Mr. Monk goes to the firehouse

Leonard Goldberg: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes

Carol Goodman: The Lake of Dead Languages
Sue Grafton: A is for Alibi

Martha Grimes: The Man with a Load of Mischief


H. Y. Hanna: All-Butter ShortDead

Nikki Haverstock: Death on the Range

Joan Hess: Malpractice in Maggody


Catharina Ingleman-Sundberg: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

Carolyn Keene: Vanishing Act (Nancy Drew files #34)
J. A. Konrath: Whiskey Sour

Josh Lanyon: Fatal Shadows

Donna Leon: Death at La Fenice
Donna Leon: Death in a Strange Country

Donna Leon: Friends in High Places

Paul Levine: Solomon vs Lord

Ngaio Marsh: Opening Night
Sarah J. Mason: Murder in the Maze

Shawn McGuire: Family Secrets
Shawn McGuire: Kept Secrets

Shawn McGuire: Original Secrets

Martha Miller: The Retirement Plan

Christy Murphy: Mango Cake and Murder
Christy Murphy: Apple Pies and Alibis
James Patterson: Along Came a Spider

Iain Pears: the Raphael Affair

Elizabeth Peters: The Seventh Sinner
Elizabeth Peters: The Murders of Richard III

Elizabeth Peters: Borrower of the Night
Elizabeth Peters: The Street of Five Moons
Elizabeth Peters: Silhouette in Scarlet
Elizabeth Peters: Trojan Gold

Ian Rankin: Knots and Crosses

S. J. Rozan: China Trade
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Five Female Sleuths: a collection

Dorothy Sayers: Whose body?
Dorothy Sayers: Clouds of Witness
Dorothy Sayers: Unnatural Death

Alexander McCall Smith: No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Dean Wesley Smith: Kill Game

Dana Stabenow: A Cold Day for Murder
Zoë Sharp: Killer Instinct

Julia Spencer-Fleming: In the Bleak Midwinter


Sarah Stewart Taylor: O’ Artful Death

Charles Veley: The Last Moriarty

Penny Warner: Dead Body Language

Ruth E. Weissberger :The Cure for Remembering: A Dr. Nora Sternberg Mystery
Donald Westlake: Hot Rock

Marty Wingate: The Bodies in the Library

Science fiction

Dan Abnett: Avengers: Everybody wants to rule the world

John Joseph Adams ed.: The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Ann Aguirre: Grimspace

Kevin J. Anderson: Alternitech
Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason: The Trinity Paradox

Poul Anderson: A Midsummer Tempest
Catharine Asaro: The Phoenix Code

Isaac Asimov: End of Eternity

Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey: Catwoman

Kage Baker: Empress of Mars
Kage Baker: In the Garden of Iden
Kage Baker: Sky Coyote
Kage Baker: Mendoza in Hollywood
Kage Baker: The Graveyard Game
Kage Baker: The Life of the World to Come
Kage Baker: The Children of the Company
Kage Baker: The Machine’s Child
Kage Baker: The Sons of Heaven

J. G. Ballard: The Drowned World

Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris: Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel
Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris: The Janus Affair: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel
Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris: Dawn’s Early Light

Elizabeth Bear: Hammered
Elizabeth Bear: Scardown
Elizabeth Bear: Worldwired

Elizabeth Bear: Dust
Elizabeth Bear: Chill
Elizabeth Bear: Grail

Elizabeth Bear: All the Windwracked Stars
Elizabeth Bear: By the Mountain Bound
Elizabeth Bear: The Sea Thy Mistress

Elizabeth Bear: Carnival
Elizabeth Bear: Undertow

Elizabeth Bear: Ancestral Night

Irving Belatche: Einstein’s Secret

Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, Will Shetterly: Shadow unit book 1

Alfred Bester: The Stars My Destination

Ben Bova: Orion
Ben Bova: Vengeance of Orion

Leigh Brackett: Eric John Stark: An Outlaw of Mars
Leigh Brackett: The Sword of Rhiannon
Leigh Brackett: The Ginger Star
Leigh Brackett: the Hounds of Skaith
Leigh Brackett: the Reavers of Skaith

Ray Bradbury: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Steven Brust: Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill

Lois McMaster Bujold: Shards of Honor Part of Cordelia’s Honor omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: Barrayar Part of Cordelia’s Honor omnibus.

Lois McMaster Bujold: The Mountains of Mourning Part of Young Miles omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: Warrior’s Apprentice Part of Young Miles omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: The Vor Game Part of Young Miles omnibus.

Lois McMaster Bujold: Cetaganda Part of Miles, Mystery and Mayhem omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: Labyrinth Part of Miles, Mystery and Mayhem omnibus.

Lois McMaster Bujold: Borders of Infinity Part of Miles Errant omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: Brothers in Arms Part of Miles Errant omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: Mirror Dance Part of Miles Errant omnibus.

Lois McMaster Bujold: Memory

Lois McMaster Bujold: Komarr Part of Miles in Love omnibus.
Lois McMaster Bujold: A Civil Campaign
Lois McMaster Bujold: Winterfair Gifts
Lois McMaster Bujold: Diplomatic Immunity
Lois McMaster Bujold: Cryoburn
Lois McMaster Bujold: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

Lindsay Buroker: Torrent

Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Princess of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: the Gods of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Warlord of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Chessmen of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Master Mind of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Fighting Man of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Swords of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Synthetic Men of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Llana of Gathol
Edgar Rice Burroughs: John Carter of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Pirates of Venus

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Moon Maid

Paul Byers: Act of God

Pat Cadigan: The Mindplayers

Peter Cawdron: Maelstrom

Becky Chambers: The Long Way to the Small, Angry Planet
Becky Chambers: A Closed and Common Orbit
Becky Chambers: Record of a Spaceborn Few

Becky Chambers: The Galaxy and the Ground Within

Becky Chambers: To be Taught if Fortunate

Becky Chambers: A Psalm for the Wild-built

C. J. Cherryh: Cyteen

C. J. Cherryh: Gate of Ivrel

C. J. Cherryh: Faded Sun: Kesrith
C. J. Cherryh: Faded Sun: Shon’Jir
C. J. Cherryh: Faded Sun: Kutath

C. J. Cherryh: Pride of Chanur
C. J. Cherryh: Chanur’s Venture
C. J. Cherryh: The Kif Strike Back
C. J. Cherryh: Chanur’s Homecoming
C. J. Cherryh: Chanur’s Legacy

C. J. Cherryh: Downbelow Station

C. J. Cherryh: Merchanter’s Luck
C. J. Cherryh: Forty Thousand in Gehenna
C. J. Cherryh: The Cuckoo’s Egg
C. J. Cherryh: Serpent’s Reach

C. J. Cherryh: The Foreigner

Neil Clarke, ed.: The Final Frontier

Wesley Chu: Time salvager

Liu Cixin: The Three Body Problem

Peter Clines: Ex-Heroes
Peter Clines: Ex-Patriots
Peter Clines: Ex-Communication
Peter Clines: Ex-Purgatory

Peter Clines: the Fold

Adam Christopher: Empire State

David B. Coe and Joshua Palmatier ed.: Galactic Stew

Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games

James S. A. Corey: Leviathan Wakes
James S. A. Corey: Caliban’s War
James S. A. Corey: Abaddon’s Gate
James S. A. Corey: Cibola Burn
James S. A. Corey: Nemesis Games

Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton: The Lost World

Blake Crouch: Dark Matter

Julie E. Czerneda: A Thousand Words for a Stranger
Julie E. Czernada: Ties of Power
Julie E. Czernada: To Trade the Stars

Aliette de Bodard: On Red Station, Drifting

Aliette de Bodard: The Citadel of Weeping Pearls

Lee Denning: Monkey Trap

Kris DeLake: Killer Advice

Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Philip K. Dick: Martian Time-Slip

Chris Dolley: What ho, automaton!

Diane Duane: Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses

S. K. Dunstall: Stars Uncharted

Andrew Dymond: Dark Side of the Sun

Charlotte E. English: Black Mercury
Sean Farrell: Man in the Empty Suit

Nancy Farmer: The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

C. S. Friedman: Black Sun Rising

Michael Flynn: The January Dancer

M.R. Forbes: Hell’s Rejects

Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship
Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship Pilot
Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship Captain

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling: Difference Engine

Walter Greatshell: Xombies: Apocalypse Blues
Walter Greatshell: Xombies: Apocalypticon
Walter Greatshell: Xombies: Apocalypso

Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: Flash: the Haunting of Barry Allen
Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: Arrow: A Generation of Vipers

Joe Haldeman: the Forever War

Warren Hammond: KOP
Warren Hammond: Ex-KOP

Bill Hargenrader: Mars Journey: Call to Action

Steven Harper: The Doomsday Vault

M. John Harrison: The Pastel City

Linda Hawley: Dreams Unleashed
Linda Hawley: Guardian of Time

Robert A. Heinlein: Double Star

Jason M. Hugh: Zero World

Matthew Hughes: Majestrum

Emmi Itäranta: Memory of Water

Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge: Black and White
Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge: Shades of Gray

Lee Killough: Deadly Silents

Dan Koboldt: The Rogue Retrieval
Dan Koboldt: The The Island Deception

Dan Koboldt: The World Awakening

Mary Robinette Kowal: the Calculating Stars
Mary Robinette Kowal: The Fated Sky

Mary Robinette Kowal: The Relentless Moon

Nancy Kress: Beggars in Spain
Nancy Kress: The Probability Moon
Nancy Kress: The Probability Sun
Nancy Kress: The Probability Space

Nancy Kress: Crossfire

Dan Koboldt: Domesticating Dragons

John David Krygelski: Time Cursor


Mur Lafferty: Six Wakes
Tim Lebbon: Alien: Out of the shadows

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Local Custom
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Scout’s Progress
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Conflict of Honors

Ursula LeGuin: The Dispossessed
Ursula LeGuin: Rocannon’s World
Ursula LeGuin: The Planet of Exile

Stan Lee and Kat Rosenfield: A Trick of Light

Russ Linton: Crimson Son

Joss Llewlyn: The Razor’s Edge

James Lovegrove: Firefly: Big Damn Hero

James Lovegrove: The Magnificent Nine

James Lovegrove: The Ghost Machine

Karen Lowachee: Warchild

Michael Mammay: Planetside

Richard Matheson: The Shrinking Man

A. Lee Martinez: Emperor Mollusk versus the Sinister Brain
Michael J. Martinez: The Deadalus Incident

Michael J. Martinez: The Enceladus Crisis

Everina Maxwell: Winter’s Orbit

Tara Maya: Strat

Bob Mayer: The Rock

Clayton L. McNally, Jr: Galactic StarForce BattleFleet: To the Stars

Amanda McNeil: Waiting for Daybreak

Stefon Mears: Twisted Timelines

China Miéville: The City and the City

David Mitchell: Cloud Atlas

Rosa Montero: Tears in Rain

Elizabeth Moon: Hunting Party

Elizabeth Moon: Trading in Danger
Elizabeth Moon: Marque and Reprisal
Elizabeth Moon: Engaging the Enemy
Elizabeth Moon: Command Decision
Elizabeth Moon: Victory Conditions

Nancy Jane Moore: Conscientious inconsistencies

Michael Moorcock: The Warlord of the Air
Michael Moorcock: The Land Leviathan

Michael Moorcock: Lord of the spiders

Alison Morton: Inceptio
Alison Morton: Perfiditas
Alison Morton: Successio

Linda Nagata: Memory

Sylvain Neuvel: Sleeping Giants

Sylvain Neuvel: Waking Gods

Issui Ogawa: The Lord of the Sands of Time

Kenneth Oppel: Airborn

Ada Palmer: Too Like the Lighting

H. Beam Piper: Little Fuzzy

Richard Ellis Preston Jr: Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders

D.M. Pruden: Ares Weapon

Susan Kaye Quinn: The Third Daughter

Hannu Rajaniemi: The Quantum Thief
Hannu Rajaniemi: the Fractal Prince
Hannu Rajaniemi: The Causal Angel

Hannu Rajaniemi: Invisible Planets: collected fiction

Cat Rambo: Near + Far

Mike Resnick: Starship: Mutiny book 1
Alastair Reynolds: House of Suns

Adam Roberts: Salt

Kim Stanley Robinson: Red Mars

Raymond Rose: The Fire Inside

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Alien Influences

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Snipers

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Tower

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Retrieval Artist
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Disappeared
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Extremes
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Consequences
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Buried Deep
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Paloma
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Recovery Man
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Duplicate Effort
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Anniversary Day
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Blowback
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: A Murder of Clones
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Search and Recovery
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Peyti Crisis

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Diving into the Wreck
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Becalmed
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: City of Ruins
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Boneyards
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Skirmishes
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Falls
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Runabout
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Application of Hope
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Searching for the Fleet

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Escaping Amnthra

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Spires of Denon
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Coolhunting

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Recovering Apollo 8

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith: Colliding Worlds, vol. 1

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith: Colliding Worlds, vol. 2

Mike Shepard: Kris Longknife: Mutineer

Ron Sanders: Signature

Robert J. Sawyer: Flashforward

Robert J. Sawyer: Time: Complete Short Fiction volume 3

John Scalzi: Fuzzy Nation
John Scalzi: The Android’s Dream
John Scalzi: Redshirts

John Scalzi: Lock In
John Scalzi: Head On

Vijaya Schartz’s The Garrison: Lockdown

Karl Schroeder: Sun of Suns
Karl Schroeder: Queen of Candesce
Karl Schroeder: Pirate Sun
Karl Schroeder: The Sunless Countries

V. E. Schwab: Vicious

Melissa Scott: Shadow Man

Dan Simmons: Hyperion
Dan Simmons: Fall of Hyperion

Dean Wesley Smith: Against Time

Kristine Smith: Code of Conduct
Kristine Smith: Rules of Conflict
Kristine Smith: Law of Survival

Linnea Sinclair: Finders keepers

R. E. Stearns: Barbary Station

Matthew Woodring Stover: Heroes Die

Daniel Suarez: Influx

Scott E. Tabert: A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk

Judith Tarr: The Forgotten Suns

Jodi Taylor: Just One Damned Thing After Another

Adrian Tchaikovsky: Elder Race

R. J. Theodore: Flotsam

Steve Turnbull: Maliha Anderson Mysteries volume 1

Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation
Jeff VanderMeer: Authority
Jeff VanderMeer: Acceptance

Andrew Vachss: Batman: the Ultimate Evil

Jack Vance: City of the Chash
Jack Vance: Servants of the Wankh
Jack Vance: The Dirdir
Jack Vance: The Pnume

S. L. Viehl: Stardoc

Jules Verne: From Earth to the Moon
Jules Verne: Around the Moon
Jules Verne: Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas
Jules Verne: The Journey to the Center of the Earth

Scott Warren: Vick’s Vultures

Andy Weir: The Martian
Andy Weir: Artemis

Andy Weir: Project Hail Mary

David Weber: On Basilisk Station

Jennifer Foehner Wells: Fluency

H. G. Wells: The Time Machine

Martha Wells: All Systems Red
Martha Wells: Artificial condition
Martha Wells: Rogue Protocol
Martha Wells: Exit Strategy

Martha Wells: Fugitive Telemetry

Martha Wells: Network Effect

Alex White: A Big Ship at the Edge of Universe

Liz Williams: Empire of Bones
Liz Williams: the Poison Master
Liz Williams: Nine Layers of Sky
Liz Williams: Darkland
Liz Williams: Bloodmind

Connie Wills: To Say Nothing of the Dog or How We Found the Bishop’s Bird stump at Last
Connie Willis: Blackout
Connie Willis: All Clear

Connie Willis: Even the Queen and other short stories

Dean F. Wilson: Coilhunter

The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe

Karen A. Wyle: Twin-Bred
Karen A. Wyle: Reach
Karen Wyle: Leaders

Karen Wyle: Division
Karen Wyle: Playback Effect

Karen A. Wyle: Who: a novel of the near future

Karen Wyle: Water to Water

Karen A. Wyle: Donation

Timothy Zahn: Cobra

Timothy Zahn: Conquerors’ Pride

Roger Zelazny: Isle of the Dead
Roger Zelazny: This Immortal
Roger Zelazny: Lord of Light
Roger Zelazny and Thomas T. Thomas: The Mask of Loki
Roger Zelazny: Damnation Alley

Yoon Ha Yee: Ninefox Gambit


Babylon 5
John Vornholt: Babylon 5: Voices
Lois Tilton: Accusations
John Vornholt: Blood Oath
Jim Mortimore: Clark’s Law

J. Gregory Keyes: Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps
J. Gregory Keyes: Dark Genesis: Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendent
J. Gregory Keyes: Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Carmen Carter, Michel Jan Friedman, Peter David, Robert Greenberger: Doomsday World
Diane Duane: Intellivore
S. P. Somtow: Do Comets Dream?
Michael Jan Friedman: Star Trek: TNG: Planet X
Dean Wesley Smith: A Hard Rain

Carmen Carter: The Devil’s Heart

Jeffrey Lang: Immortal Coil


Greg Cox: Q-Space
Greg Cox: Q-Zone
Greg Cox: Q-Strike

A Time To
John Vornholt: A Time to be Born
John Vornholt: A Time to Die
Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore: A Time to Sow
Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore: A Time to Harvest
Robert Greenberger: A Time To Love
Robert Greenberger: A Time To Hate
David Mack: A Time To Kill
David Mack: A Time To Heal
Keith R. A. DeCandido: A Time for War, A Time for Peace

Double Helix
John Gregory Betancourt: Infection
Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Vectors
Diane Carey: Red Sector
John Vornholt: Quarantine
Peter David: Double or nothing
Michael Jan Friedman and Christie Golden: the First Virtue

Diane Duane: Dark Mirror

Star Trek: Terok Noir
James Swallow: Star Trek: Terok Noir: Day of the Vipers
S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison: Star Trek: Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves
S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison: Star Trek: Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles

Star Trek: Titan
Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels: Star Trek: Titan: Taking Wing
Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels: Star Trek: Titan: The Red King
Christopher L. Bennett: Orion’s Hounds
Geoffrey Throne: Star Trek: Titan: The Sword of Damocles

Star Trek: Section 31
Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels: Star Trek: TNG: Rogue
David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang: DS9: Abyss

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
Patricia Barnes-Svarney: Loyalties
John Vornholt: Crossfire

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
S. D. Perry: Star Trek: DS9: Avatar book two of two

Star Trek: Discovery
David Mack: Desperate Hours

Star Trek Alternative universes
Susan Wright: Star Trek: Dark Passions, Book 1
Susan Wright: Star Trek: Dark Passions, Book 2
Greg Cox: Worst of Both Worlds Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Glass Empires
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows

Geoff Trowbridge, Keith R. A. Candido, Chris Roberson: Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions

Star Wars
Claudia Grey: Leia: Princess of Alderaan

Aaron Allston: Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams
Timothy Zahn: Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes
Greg Cox: Terminator Salvation: Cold War

Short story collections
Fiction River
Fiction River: Moonscapes
Fiction River: Time Streams
John Helfers ed.: Fiction River: How to Save the World
Kerry L. Hughes, ed.: Fiction River: Tavern Tales
Fiction River: Last Stand
Kevin J. Anderson, ed: Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline

Fiction River: No Humans Allowed

Kevin J. Anderson, ed: Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown

Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Fiction River Special Edition: Spies

Gwyneth Gibby ed.: Fiction River Presents: Time Travelers

Martin H. Greenberg, ed.: The Further Adventures of Batman

Nayad Monroe ed.: Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging

The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: 60th Anniversary Anthology

Leigh Brackett ed.: The Best of Planet Stories #1

Mike Ashley ed.: The Feminine Future
Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories

Sean Wallace ed.: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures

Dominik Parisien, Navah Wolfe ed.: The Mythic Dream

David B. Coe and Joshua Palmatier ed: Derelict

Michael D. Finley: The Tesla Conspiracy
Mitchell Graham: Majestic Descending
Layton Green: The Egyptian
Steven James: the Pawn
Gayle Lynds: The Book of Spies

R. J. Pineiro: Spyware
Matthew Reilly: Seven Deadly Wonders
Robert Van Gulick, translator: Celebrated cases of Judge Dee

Robert K. Tanenbaum: Escape

Michael White: The Equinox

Bram Stoker: Dracula’s Guest and other weird stories

Keith R. A. DeCandido: House of Cards

Kevin J. Anderson: X-Files: Ruins

Charles Grant: Whirlwind

Ben Mezrich: Skin


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