Science fiction

Everyone loves chocolate… right?


Chef Robin Valisse is representing Mars in the the Milky Way Interspecies Dessert Championships. The Tri-Planetary Union of Earth, Mars, and Venus are participating for the first time, so stress is high. Earth’s chef Rodrigue has nothing but scorn for the Martian dessert Valisse is preparing.

Everyone Loves Chocolate… right? is a fun short story about interplanetary food competition.

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Alternate reality

A Long Way to Morning


Iz will do anything to save her younger sister. Today, she’s sneaking to an old Scottish castle which is a storehouse for one of the most ruthless mob bosses in London. Iz’s sister needs the illegal drug in that castle.

In this world, having abilities that most humans don’t have means that you’re either a soldier or on the run. Iz is working for a third option.

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