Here’s the post where I’ll gather this year’s reviews all in a one place.

Reading challenges:
Graphic novels & manga (12) 37
Pick&Mix (40) 49
Action heroines (10) 12
Science fiction experience (1) 5
New authors (10) 24
Once upon a time (5) 16
RIP XI (4) 4

1, Nancy Kress: The Probability Sun (p&m, scifi exp)
2, Steve Turnbull: Maliha Anderson Mysteries volume 1 (new, scifi exp)
3, Dan Koboldt: The Rogue Retrieval (new, scifi exp)
3, Judith Tarr: The Forgotten Suns (p&m, scifi exp)
4, Richard Matheson: The Shrinking Man (sci-fi exp)
5, Terry Pratchett: Hogfather
6, Nancy Kress: The Probability Space (p&m, scifi exp)

1, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 3
2, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 4: Three
3, FF by Jonathan Hickman vol. 1
4, FF by Jonathan Hickman vol. 2
5, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 5: Forever
6, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 6

7, Peter O’Donnell: The Impossible Virgin
8, John Helfers, ed.: Fiction River: Recycled Pulp
9, Lindsay Buroker: Torrent new
10, Catherynne M. Valente: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
11, Peter O’Donnell: The Silver Mistress
12, Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin: A Vision of Fire (new)
13, Judith Tarr: Queen of the Amazons (P&M)

7, FF by Jonathan Hickman vol. 3
8, FF by Jonathan Hickman vol. 4
9, Ms. Marvel vol.1: No Normal

14, Phyllis Irene Radford ed.: Dragon Lords and Warrior Women
15, N. K. Jemisin: The Shadowed Sun (p&m)
16, Jodi Taylor: Just One Damned Thing After Another (new)
17, Jeff VanderMeer: Authority (p&m)
18, Wesley Chu: Time salvager (new)
19, Catherynne M. Valente: The Habitation of the Blessed
20, Kris Nelscott: Thin Walls

10, John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds
11, X-Men: Battle of the Atom
12, Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis vol.2
13, Indiana Jones Omnibus vol. 1
14, Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis vol.1

21, Anne Lyle: Merchant of Dreams (p&m, once)
22, Anne Lyle: The Prince of Lies (p&m, once)
23, Lois McMaster Bujold: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (p&m)
24, Patricia C. Wrede: Snow White and Rose Red (p&m, once)
25, Peter O’Donnell: Last Day in Limbo
26, Catharine Asaro: The Phoenix Code (p&m)
27, Judith Tarr: Bring Down the Sun (p&m)
28, Catherynne M. Valente: the Folded World (once)
29, Jeff VanderMeer: Acceptance (p&m March)

15, Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis vol.3
16, Girl Genius Omnibus vol. 1: Agatha Awakens
17, Prince Valiant vol. 1: 1937-1938

30, Jordanna Max Brodsky: The Immortals (once, new)
31, Sebastien de Castell: Traitor’s Blade (once, new, p&m)
32, Cat Rambo: Near + Far
33, Joanna M. Harris: The Gospel of Loki (new, p&m)
34, Aliette de Bodard: Harbinger of the Storm (once, p&m)
35, Kris Nelscott: Stone Cribs
36, Aliette de Bodard: Master of the House of Darts (once, p&m)
37, Karen Wyle: Leaders

18, Prince Valiant vol. 2: 1939-1940
19, Storm vol. 1: Make it rain
20, Storm vol. 2: Bring the Thunder
21, Fairy Tale Comics: Classic Tales Told by Extraordinary Cartoonists edited by Chris Duffy

38, Nayad Monroe ed.: Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging
39, Tim Powers: The Drawing of the Dark (p&m, once)
40, Chris Dolley: What ho, automaton!
41, Fritz Leiber: The Swords of Lankhmar (p&m, once)
42, Laura Resnick: Maybe You’ve Heard of Me? (once, new)
43, Leslie Anderson ed.: Steampunk Fairy Tales (once)
44, Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Paul T. Barber: When they severed Earth from the sky: How the human mind shapes myth
45, Becky Chambers: The Long Way to the Small, Angry Planet (new, p&m)
46, Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship (new, p&m)

22, The Mighty Thor vol. 1: Thunder in Her Veins
23, Loki, Agent of Asgard vol. 1: Trust Me
24, Loki, Agent of Asgard vol. 2: I cannot tell a lie

47, Jasper Fforde: Lost in a Good Book (p&m)
48, Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Fiction River: Hidden in Crime
49, Austin Grossman: Soon I will be invincible (new)
50, Catherynne M. Valente: Deathless (p&m)
51, Robert A. Heinlein: Double Star (new)
52, Jasper Fforde: The Well of Lost Plots (p&m)
53, Jeff VanderMeer: The Steampunk Bible
54, Jim C. Hines: Libriomancer
55, Leigh Brackett: Eric John Stark: An Outlaw of Mars (new)

25, Star Trek Classics vol. 1: The Next Generation – The Gorn Crisis
26, Star Trek Classics vol. 3: Voyager: Encounters with the Unknown
27, Thor Epic Collection: To Wake the Mangog

56, Adam Roberts: Salt (new, p&m)
57, Alma Alexander: Empress (new)
58, Kris Nelscott: War at Home
59, Mikkel Birkegaard: The Library of Shadows (new)
60, Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood ed.: Women in Practical Armor
61, S. C. Flynn: Children of the Different (new)

28, Amazing X-Men vol. 1: The Quest for Nightcrawler
29, Amazing X-Men vol. 2: World War Wendigo
30, Amazing X-Men vol. 3: Once and Future Juggernaut
31, Rat Queens vol. 1: Sass and Sorcery
32, Nightcrawler vol. 1: Homecoming
33, Nightcrawler vol. 2: Reborn

62, Genevieve Cogman: The Invisible Library (new)
63, Jim C. Hines: Codex Born
64, Allyson Longueira ed.: Fiction River Presents: The Unexpected
65, Tanya Huff: Sing the Four Quarters (p&m, action)
66, John Helfers ed.: Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse (rip xi)
67, Tanya Huff: Fifth Quarter (action, p&m)
68, Claire North: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (new)
69, Nancy Kress: Crossfire (p&m)

34, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Serial

70, Elizabeth Peters: The Street of Five Moons (rip)
71, Elizabeth Peters: Silhouette in Scarlet (rip)
72, Fritz Leiber: Swords and Ice Magic (rip, p&m)
73, Jennifer Roberson: Sword-Dancer (p&m, rip)
74, Tim Powers: The Stress of Her Regard (p&m, rip)
75, Jennifer Roberson: Sword-Singer (p&m, rip)
76, Seanan McGuire: Once Broken Faith (p&m)
77, Tanya Huff: Summon the Keeper (p&m)

35, Rat Queens vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth

78, Kris Nelscott: Days of Rage
79, Tanya Huff: The Second Summoning (p&m)
80, China Miéville: The City and the City (p&m, new, scifi month)
81, Peter Clines: the Fold (scifi month)
82, Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories (scifi month, p&m)
82, Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Thief (new)
83, Matthew Hughes: Majestrum (p&m, new)
84, Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship Pilot

36, Star Trek: the Next Generation: Ghosts
37, Star Trek: the Next Generation: Hive
38, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold

85, Peter O’Donnell: The Night of the Morningstar
86, John David Krygelski: Time Cursor (new, exp)
87, Timothy Zahn: Cobra (p&m, exp)
88, Roger Zelazny: Damnation Alley (exp)
89, Tanya Huff: Long Hot Summoning (p&m)
90, Karen A. Wyle: Who: a novel of the near future (exp)
91, Naomi Novik: League of Dragons