The second book in the humorous heist book series the League of Pensioners.


Publishing year: 2014

Finnish publication year: 2017

Format: Print

Finnish publisher: S&S

Page count: 363

Finnish translator: Outi Menna

Märtha Anderson and her friends want to rob a Las Vegas casino and give the money to worthy causes in Sweden, such as the downsized schooling system and privatized elderly homes. So, they plan and execute a heist. However, their paths cross with another gang and suddenly Märtha and her friends have stolen diamonds in their hands. They decide to return to Sweden rather than wait for the bigger criminals to sniff them out. They smuggle the diamonds to their homeland in a golf bag.

They’re still wanted from their previous heist so they use made-up names and social security numbers. But things go wrong: they lose the golf bag, and the diamonds, in the customs. Then they realize that a hacker has redirected the money they wanted to donate. So, they need to do another heist and, of course, try to find out just where their stolen money has gone.

To make matters more interesting, their neighbors are two large men in a motorbike gang. Their other neighbor is a Tarot-reading younger woman (in her sixties) and one of the League members becomes very attracted to her, bringing friction to the team.

This was a fun and quick read with plenty of twists and no violence. The writer also criticizes modern privatization and downsizing trends. It’s similar to the first book, so if you liked that one, you’ll probably like this one, too.

Of course, their antics aren’t believable. Too bad, because I wouldn’t mind spending my old age like this.