Larissa at Larissa’s Bookish Life has a post and a giveaway about Kick-Ass Heroes:

It’s amazing that there so many powerful and kick-ass women in the literary world, but sometimes, I just can’t help getting a kick of reading about these heroes that care so much that they’d move hell and earth to save and defend the people they love. What is not to like about that?
What about you guys?
Who is your favorite Kick-Ass Hero?
What makes a man a Kick-Ass hero, in your opinion?

Well, my standards for Kick-ass Heroes are pretty much the same as for the heroines: must be able to win most of his fights and defend the helpless and the innocent. And be male.

My favorite Kick-Ass Hero is, of course, Batman from classic comics. For some reason, none of the movie Batmans have managed to come close.

There are quite a few superheroes who fit this category, of course: Captain America, Thor, Superman etc. Wolverine is a bit of a fringe case because sometimes he goes on a killing spree.

In literature, there are quite a few violent heroes. I tend to like heroes from somewhat older books than Larissa who is asking about urban fantasy heroes. Quite frankly, I haven’t yet met any of these newer heroes who can hold candle to the older cadre:
John Carter of Barsoom, the best swordsman in two (or possibly three) planets. Aragorn and Legolas from both books and movies. Both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo kick ass as well. Personally I’d put in Indiana Jones in this category as well even though he does lose fights quite often, too. King Arthur and his knights are more classic example.

Robin Hood is maybe the epitome of defending the innocent but in the older stories he tends to lose fights – at least against men who will become his companions.

So, do you know any urban fantasy heroes who could take on Batman or John Carter? I’d love to know!