Humble Bundle has a huge bundle of science fiction books! For just one dollar you get two books and two series. The whole bundle has books and series from 35 writers including Alan Dean Foster, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Frank Herbert, Robert J. Sawyer, and Leah Cutter.

Humble Bundle has, again, interesting book bundles.

They have 17 Doctor Who audiodramas in one bundle.

They also have a bundle of Image Comics’ 2000s comics, including Savage Dragon, Rising Stars, Strange Girl, Brit, Mice Templar, and Bastard Samurai.

Storybundle has again two interesting bundles: the Great Galaxies SF bundle 16 days and the Pop Culture Explosion bundle for two more days.

Humble Bundle has Doctor Who 2022 bundle of DW comics for two days more.

They also have two roleplaying bundles: Shadowrun and Star Trek Adventures.

Over at Kickstarter, Valerie Andrews has Inspiration&Creativity project that has five books:

The purpose of this campaign is to generate £150 to fund the creation and formatting of a single book that will contain the entire collection of books in my “Inspiration & Creativity” series. At just over 100,000 words (the equivalent of 500 printed pages) this super digital book will be the ultimate resource for anyone seeking inspiration, encouragement and new ways of thinking about their creative practice.

It’s almost funded, it needs just about ten dollars more. Two days to go.

The 2022 Visions of the Future bundle curated by Dean Wesley Smith:

For me, the future is a bright, hopeful place. That’s my nature. No matter how bad the news is at the moment, I tend to look at the future as a promise. Doesn’t mean the future won’t be full of problems. I am not that naïve, although sometimes my wife Kris thinks I am.

The basic bundle has Between Mountain and Sea by Louisa Locke, The Becalmed by Kari Kilgore, Next Generation by Barbara T. Garn, and Jumpback by Terry Hayman. The full bundle has six more books including Smith’s Rescue Two and Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Paloma (from her Retrieval Artist series).

The 2022 Pride Bundle Curated by Catherine Lundoff and Melissa Scott:

It’s time for another queer-themed bundle to celebrate Pride! This year, we have five books in the main bundle, and another ten in the bonus, for a total of fifteen if you spring for the bonus. Once again, winnowing it down to a manageable number was ready hard — there are so many writers out there who are creating intelligent, nuanced and queer SF/F.

The basic bundle has Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale, We’re Here edited by C.L. Clark & series editor Charles Payseur, The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward, Sanctuary by Andi C. Buchanan, and The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones.

HumbleBundle has four comics bundles:

Top Cow 30th anniversary. This bundle has Cyberforce, Sunstone, Rising Stars, Infinite Dark, Madame Mirage, and a lot of other Top Cow comics.

19 days to go

The Boys versus the Girls is a massive comics bundle. It has lots and lots of the Boys, an ironic take on superheroes (or rather villains pretending to be heroes). The other comics have women as main characters: Dejah Thoris, Swords of Sorrow, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Alice in Wonderland, Jennifer Blood, Miss Fury, and lots of others.

47 days to go

Super massive Heavy Metal: “Explore 45 years of groundbreaking graphic fiction ripped from the pages of Heavy Metal, the “World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine”! Witness comic history in the making with the 1977 premiere issue, featuring stories from legends like Jean “Moebius” Giraud. Discover the cosmic saga of Taarna, the iconic heroine from the animated film. Read recent issues & modern collections of Heavy Metal sci-fi, fantasy, and horror tales from genre masters, and support Comic Book Legal Defense Fund with your purchase!”

7 days to go

Transformers: the Final Phase: “Journey from heart of Cybertron to the edge of the universe in IDW’s legendary Transformers comic saga! Discover climactic battles and galaxy-shattering revelations in the pages of More Than Meets the Eye, Optimus Prime, Lost Light, and more digital volumes from the saga’s final years. Explore the end of an incredible era for Transformers storytelling, and help support Hasbro Children’s Fund with your purchase!”

5 days to go.

Storybundle has two very interesting bundles:

Twisted Fairytales: “Fairytales are near and dear to my heart – but TWISTED tales are even better! As a reader, I love it when authors take the old and familiar and fold it into strange new shapes, flipping the roles of hero and villain, adding unexpected romance, and blending together strands of different classic stories to make something altogether new and enthralling. So when I had the opportunity to curate this collection, I leaped on it like a starving grandma on a poor innocent wolf…

In this StoryBundle you’ll find eleven thrilling twists on Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, Alice in Wonderland, Mulan, and more, from award-winning and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, which includes an anthology packed with eerie retellings of your favorite tales.”

22 days to go.

And 200 Sci-Fi Worlds: “We’ve included fifteen sci-fi anthologies and collections showcasing 139 authors and more than 200 individual stories, but it’s available for a limited time only! This StoryBundle features a wide variety of themes – fighting climate change, exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, future crime, hopepunk, sci-fi zombies, space marines, exosapiens, LGBTQ+ heroes, and so much more. With 139 authors, chances are that you’ll find some new writers to love.”

8 days to go.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a starter kit of ten of her series at Kickstarter.

The stories include:

  • “The Santa Series (fantasy holiday romance)… Up on the Rooftop (novella)
  • The Whale Rock Series (Seavy County) (dark fantasy)…The Women of Whale Rock (short story)
  • The Sweet Young Things Series (hard-boiled mystery, crime)…Sweet Young Things (short story)
  • The Fates Universe (fantasy romance)…Simply Irresistible (novel)
  • The Faerie Justice Series (dark historical fantasy)…Dark Corners (short story)
  • Spade/Paladin Series (mystery, private detective at sf conventions)…Stomping Mad (short story)
  • The Smokey Dalton Series (historical mystery, private detective)…A Dangerous Road (novel)
  • The Fey Series (epic fantasy)…The Sacrifice (novel)
  • The Retrieval Artist Series (sf thriller, space opera)…The Disappeared (novel)
  • The Diving Series (space opera, military sf)… Diving into the Wreck (novel)”

It’s already funded and reached two stretch goals, so everyone will get also Killer advice (an SF novella) and the Scottish Play (a fantasy novella). For writers, the pledges include two very interesting writing workshops.

9 days to go.

Humble Bundle has an awesome European comics bundle. The full bundle has 55 comics, including 23 Valerian and Laureline albums. That was one of my favorite science fiction comics when I was younger (alright, it still is).

It also has Namibia, Orbital, Distant Worlds, and Aldebaran which I haven’t read but they sound very interesting.

Storybundle is running two very interesting bundles: Aliens Among Us is focused on aliens and has four books for five dollars: Aliens Among Us edited by Dean Wesley Smith, Galactic Thunder by Cameron Cooper, Universal Language by Robert Jeschonek, and The Soul Within by Rebecca M. Senese.

The full bundle has six more books: Alien Vibrations by Dean Wesley Smith, Alien Influences by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dove Season Books 1-3 by Robin Brande (StoryBundle Exclusive), Azureseas: Cantrell’s War by Raymund Eich, The A’lle Mutation by Marcelle Dube, and Restricted Species by Kari Kilgore.

14 more days.

The 2022 World SciFi Bundle has science fiction books and collection from around the world: Sinopticon edited by Xueting Ni, BloodBusters by Francesco Verso, The Future God of Love by Dilman Dila, On a Red Station Drifting by Aliette de Bodard.

The full bundle has six more: Northern Wraith by Thilde Kold Holdt, Incomplete Solutions by Wole Talabi, Love. An Archaeology by Fabio Fernandes, Gorel and the Pot-Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar, The Cabinet by Un-Su Kim, and Automatic Eve by Rokuro Inui.

21 days to go.

Humble Bundle has an awesome Leading Ladies comics bundle! It has comics with women as the main characters: Saga, Monstress, Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, Lady Mechanika, Rat Queens, I hate Fairyland, and Wayward!

6 more days

Their other big bundle is Award-winning Manga which has Princess Jellyfish, Space Brothers, Knights of Sidonia, A Condition called Love, Blue Period, and lots of other manga from various genres.

22 more days.

Storybundle has again very tempting bundles:
Mysterious women curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch for 20 days, Best of British SFF curated by Lavie Tidhar for 16 days more, Boss Battle curated by David L. Craddock for 13 days more, and Bundoran Buddies Sci-fi Bundle 2 6 days more.

On Kickstarter, Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch are running a very interesting project for writers. They’re doing Writing Bundles which has WMG Publishing’s ebooks for writers. It includes bundles of Smith’s and Rusch’s ebooks about productivity, craft, business, marketing, and industry. It has been funded and the first stretch goal has been met, so Rusch’s Freelancer’s Survival Guide is also included. 13 more days to go.

Storybundle again has two very tempting bundles:
Racing the clock curated by Dean Wesley Smith for seven days and Warp Speed Ahead curated by Kevin Anderson for 14 days more.

Also, Humble Bundle has Baen Space Opera bundle with books from Ben Bova, Sharon Lee and Steven Miller,
Catherine Asaro, David Weber, and loads of others. It’s available for 13 days.

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