The Wyrd and Wonder month has started!

I’m a bit late (again) but I’m really looking forward to reading fantasy and of course reading the wonderful posts about all things fantasy for this month.

I’m currently reading:
Garth Nix’s Sabriel. This is a YA fantasy which came out in 1990s and has been in my TBR for many years. So far, it’s been great.
Chris Claremont is my favorite X-Men writer but he also wrote other comics (and books). This month, I’m reading Black Dragon which is a historical fantasy comic set in England in 1100s.

I haven’t yet decided on what else to read but I’m considering books which have been took long in my TBR pile:
Goblin Mirror from C. J. Cherryh, the Compass Rose from Ursula le Guin, A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham (one half of James S. A. Corey), and The Element of Fire by Martha Wells. Or maybe I’ll dig into The Princess Bride by Goldman. But I also really want to read Anno Dracula by Newman.

Happy reading to everyone!

I’m way late pointing this out but this month is the annual Women in SF&F Month over at Fantasy Cafe. The event has already lots of wonderful posts and a week more to go.

Kristen at Fantasy Cafe is hosting the annual Women in SF&F Month 2016!

I’ve greatly enjoyed the previous times and this is sure to be another wonderful month full of posts highlighting women writers. And no doubt my to-be-read list will explode. Again.

It’s well worth checking out. Happy reading!

November is Science Fiction Month, the brain child of Rinn from Rinn Reads , where we can celebrate SF in all its forms: TV, movies, books, comics, games…

I’m a long-time SF fan, and I devour it in any format I can get my hands on. 🙂 I love Star Trek and Star Wars both and read a lot of SF books and comics. Even some of my favorite boardgames are science fiction themed.

This month I’m planning to read more SF starting with Jeff Vandermeer’s “Annihiliation” and “Authority”. I have a couple of Philip K. Dick’s books in my shelves, among lots of other books, and of course Star Trek TNG books which I really should reread.

I hope everyone has a great month!

The mighty Kristen from Fantasy Cafe has just launched the second annual Women in SF&F month:

The entire month of April will be dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to speculative fiction. There will be guest posts by women who write speculative fiction and women who share their love for the genre with others on their blogs throughout the month. Like last year’s series, some guests will be discussing the subject of women writing speculative fiction, but not necessarily, since the goal is to get some interesting people, thoughts, and books all in one place—and perhaps find some new books or blogs to read! (I have already madly been adding books to my wish list from reading the guests posts that will be going up this month.)

Last year’s event was great and this looks like it will be lots of fun!

The mighty Kristen from Fantasy Cafe is currently running Women in SF&F month:

“[t]his month is dedicated to highlighting the women who are writing and reading SF&F. Throughout the month I’ll have authors, book bloggers, and other commentators making guest posts. While some of my guests will be discussing the subject itself, it’s not required to participate; the goal is just to get some interesting people, thoughts, and books all in one place. With all the recent discussion about women writing fantasy and science fiction, I think it’s really important to show that there are women writing all kinds of different books in these genres.”

She has an impressive list of both writers and bloggers, and it sounds like fun!