An Alien story set some 37 years after the first movie, between the first and second movies.

Publication year: 2016
Format: Audio
Running time: 4 hours 28 minute
Narrator: Rutger Hauer, Corey Johnson, Matthew Lewis, Kathryn Drysdale, Laurel Lefkow, Andrea Deck, Mac McDonald
Dramatizer: Dirk Maggs

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this full-cast dramatization of Lebbon’s novel. But I was very impressed: the cast was great, the sound effects and music added to the story wonderfully, and it was easy to follow, even though the book wasn’t read word for word. The actress doing Ripley’s voice was so prefect that I had to check if Weaver was actually part of the cast.

The story itself is simple enough. The crew of the mining ship Marion are in trouble: they’ve lost one drop ship and crew. When the other ship returns, it has aboard it an alien which starts to kill the rest of the crew. Among the first killed are the captain and the security man. When another vessel approached instead of a rescue ship, it’s a shuttle with Ellen Ripley in it. She has been sleeping for 37 years, but she must quickly get over her shock and help the rest of the crew survive. To make matters worse, the android Ash has downloaded his consciousness into the Marion’s computer and it doing his best to collect specimens.

This was very entertaining listening with lots of atmosphere. It used the listener’s knowledge of the movies to quickly sketch out of characters and places which tied it will into the Alien universe. Ripley doesn’t remember this episode in the movies, so of course we know how it will end. I’m sure hardcore Alien fans will find lots of faults with it.