Collects Uncanny X-Men #534.1 and #535-539.
I read the issues when they were published in the monthly Finnish edition of the X-Men.
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Terry Dobson, Rachel Dobson, Ibraim Roberson
Publication year: 2011
Publisher: Marvel

The collection starts with an issue focused on Magneto. Now that he’s living on Utopia, the X-Men want to do something about his public image and they want other people to know that they don’t need to fear him anymore. So, Magneto agrees to meet with a PR professional and they have a very interesting conversation. Meanwhile, a couple of A.I.M. terrorists claim that they have a way to trigger earthquakes and they want the city of San Francisco to pay so that they don’t use their weapon. The mayor calls in the X-Men.

The next four issues deal with the aliens we met during Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. S.W.O.R.D’s leader agent Brand contacts Cyclops because a warship from the Breakworld is coming to Earth. Scott takes with him the group who went to Breakworld, minus the new member Armor and plus Magneto, and heads to orbit. The X-Men and Brand break into the warship and are in for a surprise: the deposed Powerlord Kruun and his people are actually refugees looking for a place to stay.

Whedon’s run left a few tangling plot points and this collection ties them up, although I’m really surprised if we don’t see more of the aliens. I liked this storyline a lot until the very last issue. A lot of crucial things happened there off screen. We’re told about them but not shown them and the conclusion feels very abrupt. One moment Kitty is in great danger and the next… the cavalry has arrived and everything is puppies and sunshine.

I really liked the focus on Kitty. Ever since she came back, she’s been stuck in a phased form and that’s finally cleared up. This was actually a bit of a nostalgic feel to me because Claremont did the whole stuck in a phased form thing first.

I like Colossus but he’s never been a favorite character. I actually think he’s the wrong guy for Kitty no matter how long they’ve been on-again, off-again couple, but it’s great to see Kitty happy. The story had great small moments, like Kitty and Peter on a date even though they can’t touch and Magneto wanting to know more about the Breakworld metal. Then again, I wasn’t too fond of the Frost/Brand snarking but luckily that was kept low. I really enjoyed Kruun’s attitude towards Peter which is very understandable. I think the whole Breakworld thing brought some more story focus on Peter which is good.

The last issue seems like a one-shot with a very different artist and focus on Hope. A group of men kidnaps her in front of her team of the five new mutant and Wolverine leaves to save her all by himself. The story has a few touching scenes between Hope and Logan but otherwise it felt unnecessary. We get to see the new mutants who were introduced in “Five Lights”. However, in that story Idun was twelve but this time she’s clearly an adult, which was disconcerting.

Overall, I liked this collection better than the previous one.