Collects X-Men Blue issues 1-6.

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artists: Jorge Molina, Ray-Anthony Height, Julian Lopez, Cory Smith, Ramon Bachs

The original teenaged X-Men Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, and Angel and still adventuring in the current time. They’ve adapted to our modern times, at least for the most part. Hank is learning to use magic and Warren’s wings are now ”cosmic fire”. Jean has taken the role of the team leader. Scott adventured for a while in space with his dad, the Corsair, but is now back.

In the first issue, our heroes are rescuing people from a cruise ship because the Juggernaut and Black Tom are there. At the end of the issue, we’re revealed that the team’s new mentor is… Magneto.

In the second issue, the team tries to get grips with Magneto. The team, especially Scott, has lots of reservations about working with him. But Jean reads his mind and assures the others that he honestly wants to help humans and mutants live peacefully. At least for now. Then they head to Barcelona to battle Sentinels.

In the third issue, the X-Men hear that surprisingly, the Sentinels want to help mutants. Also, this group of Sentinels consider themselves… mutants. The X-Men agree to meet their leader who turns out to be a long time X-Men enemy who has their own reasons to reprogram Sentinels.

In the fourth issue, the teams heads to Colorado when Jean get very strange readings from the Cerebro. They confront Wendigo and Jimmy Hudson, Wolverine’s son from another timeline. And he’s not alone.

Next, our heroes and Jimmy fight alternate world Marauders, lead by Miss Sinister. She wants to take Jimmy back for some more experimenting but the X-Men disagree.

In the final issue, our heroes have returned to their secret base in Madripoor. Jean, Hank, and Jimmy head out for a night of fun during a big festival. After a few pages of relaxation, Jimmy notices something he recognizes. The shift to another dimension has wiped most of his memories so he’s determined to find out what the small vial is. Our three heroes bump in the middle of men peddling mutant growth hormones. But another group of heroes wants to stop the deals. And they’ll go through the X-Men to do it.

This collection brings the X-Men firmly back to the world of superheroing. Yes, there’s some angst about what they going to do with Magneto and Bobby can’t reach his girlfriend (boyfriend?) the whole time. Hank has started to learn magic and it seems to be corrupting him. But mostly there are fights. Entertaining enough, even though Bunn mostly rehashes old X-Men enemies.

I enjoy alternate worlds so the most interesting enemy for me were the Maraudes from another world.

Still, I don’t see how this team can be sent back to the past. All of them have grown and learned. Angel’s wings are different and Iceman knows more about his powers. Still, I think at some point they will just be mind-wiped and shoved back in time.