Collects Birds of Prey issues 56-61.

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Ed Benes, Alex Lei

Oracle and the Black Canary are going after a CEO who is going to embezzle the funds of his own company and flee the country. Dinah does a nice job scaring him out of it but unfortunately, the man isn’t doing this alone: he’s been blackmailed into it. Savant isn’t happy about Oracle meddling into his affairs. He manages to lure Dinah into a trap. He brakes her legs to make sure that she can’t escape. Then he tries to blackmail Oracle. However, Oracle calls for the Huntress to track down Dinah. Babs isn’t happy about working with Helena, but she not about to let down Dinah.

The second half of the collection deals with the aftermath. Dinah’s legs are in cast and she, too, is confined to a wheelchair, for a while. Barbara tries to fire Dinah and take Huntress as her field agent. Fortunately, Barbara and Dinah manage to talk things through. Also, Dinah kicks ass even in a wheelchair! Meanwhile, the Huntress faces a villainous politician and Savant’s having trouble in jail.

This was a nice beginning for Simone’s collected run. Apparently, DC hasn’t (yet?) collected the previous issues of this volume of Birds of Prey. Dinah and Barbara are clearly good friends, good enough that they tolerate each other’s mistakes and can work past them. They’re both smart and awesome. The only thing I didn’t really care for is the art: way too much cheesecake. I dunno: maybe the editors at DC thought that nobody would buy a comic starring women unless they wear skimpy clothing and have a buttshot on every page…

Still, I’m rather enjoining my BoP reread. Savant is far from my favorite enemy but he’s ok and quite appropriate as an antagonist to the BoP. I did love the way that Babs finally handled him.