Collects the miniseries Season Zero issues 0-12. The story line starts two years before the miniseries which launched the TV-show and ends just before it starts.

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artists: Stephen Segovia, Jackson Herbert, Charles Carvalho, Chris Bolson
Publisher: Dynamite

This series explores the corruption inside the Colonial military.

The series starts with Adama taking command of Galactica. He and the ship are set on their first mission together. An expedition fleet ship has gone mission on the Neutral Space between Human and Cylon borders and Galactica is sent took find it. The ship is commanded by former Admiral Julian DiMarco. Adama used to serve under him and thinks highly of him. When the ship’s transponder signal is found from a planet Adama himself leads the rescue mission (of marines) down to the planet. The team finds a group of humans and DiMarco but before Adama can demand answers, Cylon centurions attack.

After the attack, DiMarco tells Adama that the Expedition Fleet turned out to be just a cover for Black Ops missions and that when they found this planet, DiMarco was ordered to bomb it. He didn’t find out until later that there was a small but thriving separatist settlement on the planet and that the bombing killed all of them. DiMarco is depressed and fatalistic but Adama swears that he will get to the bottom of it. Adama was supposed to take DiMarco and his crew back to answer false charges but Adama allows them to stay on the planet. This decision will come back to haunt him.

In the next issues, Colonial Intelligence agent Nolan comes aboard and essentially takes control of Galactica. At first he seems to have legal authority but that isn’t the case. Nolan put Adama and Tigh into the brig but Galactica’s crew fights Nolan’s orders covertly.

In later issues we see Adama trying to get the Admirals to take responsibility for destroying that settlement and running other Black Ops that the citizens would likely not approve of. The Admirals in turn try to blacken Adama’s reputation by using Starbucks, and other pilots’, bad behavior as an example of how Adama fails as a leader. We also see some citizens rallying against the Colonial Government and calling for a governmental reformation. One reporter notes that this the first time that the government has allowed such an open demonstration.

In tone, this series is quite different from the show because the enemies are other humans, terrorists and rebels, instead of Cylons, even though we get to see some of the human Cylons plotting. The Colonies are shown as far from perfect. We got to see some of that in the show, too, but here it’s very clear.

I rather enjoyed this series even though it contradicts some canon. The most obvious error, or change, is that Adama and some of his people see the new Cylon centurions on the Neutral Space planet even though it’s said in the series that humans haven’t seen any Cylons in 40 years.

I also enjoyed the art more than in the Origins series. Here the characters are clearly recognizable. I would recommend this to fans of the show who want to see more of the Colonies.