Collects Uncanny X-Men #526-529; Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age (one shot).
I read the issues when they were published in the montly Finnish edition of the X-Men.

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: Whilce Portacio, Leonard Kirk, Ed Tadeo, Jay Leisten, Harvey Tolibao, Sandu Florea
Publication year: 2010

This isn’t really a stand-alone story, but an epilogue to Second Coming and a prolog to the next story arc. In the Second Coming, Hope Summers came back to the present X-Men continuity and when she came, new mutants began manifesting their powers again. Cerebera identified five new mutants on Earth, and Hope and a group of X-Men are going around the world to meet them. However, it seems that all of them are manifesting their powers in erratic way and are older than when the previous mutants first manifested their powers. In this story we meet four of the five new mutants: a 19-year old woman in Canada, a young student boy in Mexico, a 12-year old girl in Nigeria, and a man in Tokyo. The X-Men only have to fight one of them; with the others, the X-Men end up saving them from their powers.

Hope also visits her mother’s grave and finds out more about her family. She and Cable went to the future when she was just a baby, so she doesn’t know anything about her biological parents.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost is scheming behind the other X-Men’s back (that’s what you get when you allow into your group someone who tortures other people for fun). While Scott knows that Emma is meeting with Tony Stark, who is trying to convince Emma that it’s a good idea for all hero types to work together, poor Scott doesn’t know that Emma is making an alliance with Namor and keeping Sebastian Shaw a prisoner right on the Utopia island. Hilariously, (to us readers waiting/fearing for the train wreck to arrive, not so to the characters) Bobby is talking a PR woman who insists that if she will work for the X-Men she must know everything that’s going on.

In Second Coming Kitty Pryde came back to Earth. She had been inside a bullet shaped bomb keeping it intangible so that it wouldn’t explode. Magneto was able to get her out. However, she’s still in intangible form and the X-Men scientists are looking for a way to cure her. Meanwhile, she’s confined into a tank which has a low EM field but she can’t talk. When Emma reluctantly agrees to become a telepathic link between Kitty and her love Peter, Emma finds out to her horror that Kitty finds out all about Emma’s dirty little secrets. This is a very interesting development because Kitty has never trusted nor liked Emma and she’s sure to keep the ex-villain on her toes.

I recommend reading Second Coming before this.