Top 5 Wednesday is GoodReads group where people discuss a different bookish topic each week.

I think ALL books take us on wonderful adventures, but what are some books where you enjoyed the adventure the character went on? These could be adventures that the character(s) physically went on or maybe it was more of an emotional adventure. Let’s talk about all those kinds of adventures!

I read a lot of adventure stories so it was very hard to pick just five. Here are five which I think are more focused on adventure rather than violence.

1, Marie Brennan: A Natural History of Dragons

Lady Isabella of Trent was obsessed with dragons from an early age. But studying the natural form of anything isn’t proper for a young lady. She must make her life an adventure to do what she wants.

2, Lois McMaster Bujold: Paladin of Souls

Ista dy Chalion is a middle-aged woman, a former queen, and now the mother of the queen. She’s a widow and has lived under a curse for decades so many people consider her mad. Now, the curse is gone and Ista goes on an adventure, trying to win back her own life.

3, Genevive Cogman: the Invisible Library

Irene Winders is a Librarian (and a spy) working for the Library that exists between alternate worlds. She retrieves rare books for the Library.

4, Elizabeth Peters: Crocodile at the Sandbank

Amelia Peabody is an intelligent, strong-willed young woman. The limitations that the Victorian culture places on women, and specifically on her, frustrated her. When her father dies and she inherits his money, she leaves England and goes to the land that fascinates her, Egypt, and to the adventure of her life.

5, Connie Wills: To Say Nothing of the Dog or How We Found the Bishop’s Birdstump Again

Ned Henry is an Oxford historian who has done too many time jumps between the 1940s and the current day. So that he can recover, his superior sends him to the Victorian era… and an unexpected adventure.