Sci-fi month has started! November is here, which means the good ship SciFiMonth is blasting off with a crew full of SFnal-loving geeks to spend 30 days celebrating the joys and horrors of but what if? We’ll be reading, watching, listening, playing and above all chattering our way through all forms of science fiction all month long.

The first daily prompt is TBR.

I’m planning to read a mix of older and newer scifi. The first book in the older list is Jeffrey Lang’s Immortal Coil. It’s number 64 in the Star Trek: TNG series and was first published in 2002. It’s set after the movie First Contact and focuses on Data who has an emotion chip.

Another book from my oldies pile is Timothy Zahn’s Conquerors’ Pride, first published in 1994. It’s the first book in a military space opera series. I loved Zahn’s Star Wars books but haven’t read much of his original works.

In the newer pile of books I’m waiting for Becky Chambers’ novellas ”To be taught, if fortunate” and ”Psalm for the Wild-built” from the library. I’ve loved her previous books, but these two have gotten mixed reviews so I’m very curious about them.

Happy reading!