A short audio play based on real events in Marie Curie’s life.

Publication year: 2019
Format: Audio
Running time: 1 hours 19 minutes
Narrators: Kate Mulgrew, Francesca Faridany

From Audible’s description: “In 1912, scientist Marie Curie spent two months on the British seaside at the home of Hertha Ayrton, an accomplished mathematician, inventor, and suffragette. At the time, Curie was in the throes of a scandal in France over her affair with Paul Langevin, which threatened to overshadow the accomplishment of her second Nobel Prize.”

Mulgrew plays Ayrton and Faridany is Curie. They’re both wonderful and they’re playing wonderful women. The press is hounding Curie and calling her awful names. Curie’s daughters are also hearing all those things and Curie is on the verge of desperation. But Ayrton comes to help her. Neither of the women are perfect, but real people. They’re also friends who support each other but also fight with each other. Most of the story is their dialog, except for the end which was far weirder.

This was a fascinating glimpse into the lives of these women. Sadly, the world hasn’t changed much; many people still judge women based on their appearance or pretty much anything else than what they do.

I knew about Curie, of course, and even knew that she’s invented the portable X-ray machine and used it during World War I. Not from a history course, though, but from an episode of Timeless. However, I haven’t heard of Ayrton who was an electrical engineer. I must find out more about her.