The ninth Phyrne Fisher mystery.

Publication year: 1997
Format: Audio
Publisher: Belinda Audio
Narrator: Stephanie Daniel
Running Time: 6 hrs and 53 minutes

A customer is poisoned in Sylvia Lee’s book store and the police think that miss Lee killed him. Luckily for miss Lee, her landlord hires Phyrne to look into the mystery.

Phyrne has found another lovely young man, Simon Abrahams, and he in turn acquaints Phryne to the Melbourne’s Jewish population. The murder victim is Jewish and Phryne makes a point to learn about both the history of the Jewish people and she also has to find out about the mystery of the Qabbalah. We also get to see how non-Jewish people treat them and that some of the Jewish people are insular and suspicions about other people, with good reason. For once, Phryne has to confront her lover’s mother, which was hilarious.

Most of the regular cast returns. Detective Inspector Robinson is on the case, and Cec and Bert are a great help. Only Phryne’s lover Lin Chung is away on a business trip.

I rather liked miss Lee. She’s one of the no-nonsense women who are quite common in Greenwood’s books. She has a way of guessing what people are like from the books they read; if they’re romantic or not, if they have social awareness or not. She’s locked up in jail for most of the book and she spends it by learning Latin! Too bad we aren’t going to see her again.

Another delightful addition to the series.