Apex Publications has Robotic Ambitions: Tales of Mechanical Sentience Kickstarter project.

It’s already funded with 10 days left.

HumbleBundle has ElfQuest: The complete Dark Horse Collection. With 25 dollars, you get Complete ElfQuest volumes 1-7 (the original comics collected), Final Quest volumes 1-4, and Stargazer’s Hunt 1 and 2. With one dollar, you get the first volumes of the Complete ElfQuest and the Stargazer’s Hunt.

I’m a huge fan of the comic so I’m glad to see it offered here.

10 days left until it goes away.

Storybundle has The Underground Comic Bundle. The basic, 5-dollar bundle includes Gastrophobia 1, Vattu, and Weird Nothing. Four other comics are in the pricier bundle.

17 days left.