I love reading tie-in novels, comics, and short stories. I want to enjoy the further adventures of beloved characters. These are the book I’ve enjoyed the most, set in SF universes I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

Star Trek: TNG

Dark Mirror by Diane Duane

If you like the Mirror universe and The Next Generation, this is the combo for you. Dark Mirror was written in 1993, so long before Deep Space Nine’s Mirror universe episodes. Duane had just the original ”Mirror, Mirror” episode to model her work on. And it’s wonderful. Enterprise-D accidentally crossed over to the Mirror Universe and the crew comes face-to-face with dark reflections of themselves.

Star Wars

Timothy Zahn: the Thrawn trilogy

I’ve read quite a few SW books but Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and the Last Command are still my favorites. Zahn captures the essence of the characters and also the tone of the original SW series perfectly.