Top 5 Wednesday is GoodReads group where people discuss different bookish topic each week.

We all have those books we desperately want others to try and so we gush about them over and over again, hoping someone will pick it up. Today’s prompt is taking it one step further and daring others to try the books we love. Or maybe it’s not on our favorites list, but it is one we think needs to be read by others! Either way, let’s share some books we want to dare other readers to try!


If you’re interested in historical fantasy I dare you to try Bear’s Stratford Man duology ”Ink and Steel” and ”Hell and Earth” set during the reign of Elizabeth I. The main characters are the playwright/spy Kit Marley who was (almost) murdered right at the start of the book and William Shakespeare who has just assumed Marley’s role as the Queen playwriter. Also, faeries and Arthurian mythos play a big role.


This is Aztec fantasy. The main character is Acatl-tzin who is the High Priest of the Dead. His job is to make sure that the dead get the right rites. Sometimes, he also investigates suspicious deaths. But this time, the prime suspect in the murder of a Priestess is Acatl-tzin’s brother.


Detective inspector Chen works in Singapore Three which is one of the franchise cities in China. The city is huge and bustling, and has also quite a lot of supernatural activity: ghosts, demons, manifestations of goddesses, and exorcisms. Chen is the police officer in charge of investigating the supernatural. Unfortunately, most of his fellow officers don’t believe in the supernatural and so Chen is shunned by them and even his superior officer doesn’t really trust him.


I adored the idea of this book. The daughters (and other creations) of famous male literary figures come together and have adventures as friends. Some of them view themselves as “monsters” who don’t have really a place in society, especially in the Victorian era.


Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White are heroes together! Cinderella’s sister has kidnapped her prince and now the princesses must band together to rescue him!