Today Wyrd & Wonder prompt is Woodland creatures. In myths, a lot of different creatures lived in the forest because the woods were a hostile place to humans. In addition to poisonous plants and dangerous animals, humans could also become lost and die of exposure if they didn’t know how to survive. And of course, outlaws and robbers lurked in the woods, as well.

1, Elves

Elves are some of my favorite fantasy creatures, so of course, they belong to this list. The Elfquest elves live in the woods but also in a desert and icy tundra. Tolkien elves have forest cities full of beautiful houses in trees. Also, I must mention elves from the roleplaying game Runequest where they are plants.

2, Faeries

They are usually tiny creatures, like Tinker Bell (yes, Jenks I know you hate her). In fairy tales, tiny faeries danced in their mushroom fairy rings and could enchant a human to sleep for a hundred years. The pixies in Kim Harrison’s urban fantasy series are tiny but ferocious fighters because they have a lot of enemies. In the Toby Daye series by Senan McGuire, there are several different types of faeries but they’re all human-sized and can have half-blood children with humans.

3, Dryads

I’m more familiar with them from myths and roleplaying games than books. They’re tree spirits who are bound to their own tree. Hurting the tree will hurt or kill the dryad, as well. Jim Hines’ Libriomance series has a prominent dryad character, Lena.

4, Witches

These days most witches are found in urban fantasy, living in concrete and glass jungles. But in myths, old women living alone in a forest trapped children and adults to eat them. However, more mythical fantasy books also have wizards or witches living alone in a forest. For example, Granny Weathwax lives in a cottage in the middle of the woods.

5, Robin Hood and his Merry Men

I already mentioned outlaws so nobody can stop me from adding Sherwood forest’s own champion. Robin, of course, gives to the poor but Sherwood is a haunting and dangerous place for evildoers as well as the sheriff’s soldiers.