I’ve only read 15 fantasy books in the previous year and some of them stood out.


Swordheart is a funny fantasy romance between a middle-aged housekeeper and a warrior who is bound to a magic sword. I also really enjoyed T. Kingfisher’s other romances: Paladin’s Grace and Paladin’s Strength.


Cogman’s Invisible Library series is a delightful mix of dragons, fae, intrigue, and action. This was just as great as the previous ones in the series.


I really like Bujold’s cozy fantasy novellas and this was no exception. The gentle scholar Penric and his demon Desdemona, who is a disembodied voice in his head, have learned to work together very well.


This was a fascinating stand-alone steampunk book. One timeline centers on anthropologist June who specializes in ancient tech. The other starts in 1725 Russia when a mechanical person comes alive and follows him through the centuries.


A stand-alone weird fantasy novel that is also a homage to Sherlock Holmes. Ms. Shaharazad Hass is the infamous consulting sorceress who has a dark and ruthless temperament. Mr. John Wyndham is her loyal sidekick who writes down their adventures.