Top 5 Wednesday is GoodReads group where people discuss different bookish topic each week.

Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day and thought it would be fun to talk about kind book characters! Whether they do big or small acts of kindness, those acts can affect not just one character, but the whole cast! What are some books you’ve read that have a really kind character?

A very interesting topic. I love kind characters.

1, Superman

He’s always ready to believe in the best in people.

2, Robin Hood

He and his Merry Men often help people in addition to stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

3, Penric by Lois McMaster Bujold

Penric is a scholar and curious about the world. Unlike most fantasy protagonists, he’s not violent at all.

4, Halla by T. Kingfisher

Halla is the female main character in the “Swordheart”. She often tries to help people and worries about her sisters’ children.

5, Julius by Rachel Aaron

In “Nice Dragons Finish Last” Julius is the smallest dragon in his family. He’s also kind and considerate while the other dragons are ruthless and scheming.