Today the daily prompt is Remote Moon Reads

I have lots of SF books I want to read and even more books I’d like to reread. A remote moon would be the perfect place to reread the whole series:

1, Lois McMaster Bujold: The Vorkosigan series

I just adore her character-oriented science fiction. Two of my favorite characters ever are from this series, Aral and Cordelia. I would start with the omnibus “Cordelia’s Honor”.

2, Martha Wells: The Murderbot series

So far, this delightful series has four novellas and two books. I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the latest book. The main character is a nameless artificial being who calls themselves Murderbot and just wants to be left alone to watch their favorite shows. The first is “All Systems Red”.

3, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Diving series

Another delightful first-person POV science fiction series. Boss dives spaceships that are thousands of years old. So, they’re very dangerous. The first is “Diving into the Wreck”.

4, Andy Weir: The Martian

The lone single book on my list is fun and funny.

5, John Scalzi: “Lock In” and “Head On”

The SF premise for this duology is a disease, a strain of bird flu, which has wiped out a lot of humanity. But about one percent of the afflicted suffer from “lock in”: they’re fully conscious, but can’t move or respond to any stimulus. The main character is a police officer who suffers from it. They use a robot body to interact with the world.

6, Jackie Kessler and Caitilin Kittredge: “Black and White” and “Shades of Gray”

Another duology, this time about two women with superpowers who went through a Supers Academy together, but end up on different sides of the law.

7, Dan Koboldt: Gateways to Alissia

In this trilogy, a stage magician travels to a world where magic really works. The first book is “The Rogue Retrieval”.

8, C. J. Cherryh: Chanur series

I’d love to reread quite a few of Cherryh’s books, but for this list I chose Chanur. It’s not quite as densely packed as some of her other books. It’s space opera but from the point of view of an alien. The first book is “Pride of Chanur”.

9, Timothy Zahn: The Empire trilogy

These were the first books set after the original Star Wars movies, continuing the story of Han, Luke, and Leia. I loved them when I first read them and I’d love to revisit them.

Of course, I’d also bring lots of X-Men comics with the starfaring Kree, Shi’Ar, and the Starjammers.