Today the daily prompt is “I can kill you with my mind #TropeTuesday (psychic powers)”.

Psychic powers are very popular in SF, especially in comics. Here are just some of my favorites.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard to know if certain powers are psychic or not. Are the Jedi psychic? I guess vampires’ hypnotism powers would be considered mental powers, too.

1, Jean Grey of X-Men

The X-Men have probably the most members, and enemies, with psychic powers. Professor X, Rachel Summers, Psylocke, Legion, Emma Frost, Shadow King… Marvel has other psychics as well, such as Moondragon. In the MCU, Wanda could manipulate people’s fears, when she was the bad guy. In the beginning, in the 1960s, Jean’s powers of telepathy and telekinesis were very minor. Today, she’s one of the powerhouses.

2, Dejah Thoris by Edgar Rice Burroughs

In Barsoom, everyone is telepathic. Except for our hero John Carter whose thoughts the Barsoomians can’t read. Unfortunately, telepathy doesn’t affect the cultures, except that everyone speaks the same language. The only other place where the Barsoomians regularly use their powers is to control the fierce thoats they ride.

3, the Martian Manhunter of JLA

DC comics has some psychics as well, although not as many as Marvel. J’onn J’onzz is perhaps the best known of them, especially because he’s in the Supergirl TV series. He’s an older, more experienced adventurer.

4, Deanna Troi from Star Trek: TNG

Star Trek also has a lot of characters with psychic powers. The original series had Vulcans who have touch telepathy and TNG added the Betazoids who are far more powerful telepaths. Sadly, Deanna was possibly the most underused character (in addition to Beverly Crusher) in the show so we didn’t get to see her do much. Being both an empath and a psychologist, she should have been the lead diplomat but that was Picard’s role.

5, Talia Winters from Babylon 5

In the B5 universe, Earth has a lot of telepaths. They even have commercial telepaths, keeping everyone in the deal honest. Of course, Psi Corps turned out to be a pretty sinister organization, keeping all telepaths under their thump. The Centauri and the Minbari also have their own telepaths.

6, Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold

This book can be read as a stand-alone. While Athos, the planet where the story begins, doesn’t have telepaths, the main character Ethan encounters a telepath.

7, X-Files

A lot of minor characters have various psychic powers in different episodes. For example, the boy Gibson Praise was telepathic and in the episode ”the Walk” Mulder and Scully investigated a man who apparently can astral project himself.

8, Deadly Silents by Lee Killough

This book has a telepathic culture as the main setting. A small group of humans moves to that planet.

9, Medium

This TV show focuses on Allison DuBois who is a medium: she can talk to dead people, as well as foresee events and witness past events in her dreams. In the show, she works together with law enforcement. She’s also happily married with three daughters.

10, Doctor Who

Much like X-Files, Doctor Who has many episodes that deal with psychic powers.