Today the prompt is about fantasy authors who are not from the US or the UK. I’m from Finland so I decided to highlight three Finnish authors.

Hannu Rajaniemi is probably most known for the Quantum Thief science fiction trilogy. But he’s also written Summerland which is a spy novel set in an alternate 1938. In that world, people can communicate with the dead and the dead can visit the land of the living. The book can be considered either SF or Fantasy. From my review: “Rachel White is one of the few women in British Empire’s Secret Intelligence Service. She and a male colleague are handling a man who has defected from the Soviet Union to the UK. But the ex-Soviet doesn’t tell anything and in the end, he kills himself just after he has whispered to Rachel the codename of a Soviet mole in UK afterlife, the Summerland.”

Johanna Sinisalo’s first novel Troll: a love story (or Not Before Sundown in the UK) is quite realistic fiction set in Tampere, Finland. It has one fantasy element, the troll. Her other translated works are science fiction. From the back cover: “A novel of sparkling originality, Troll is a wry, peculiar, and beguiling story of nature and man’s relationship to wild things, and of the dark power of the wildness in ourselves.”

Emmi Itäranta also writes both SF and fantasy. Her second book, the Weaver (or the City of Woven Streets in the UK) is a hauntingly beautiful book with a very strong atmosphere and setting. From my review: “Eliana is a young weaver who lives in the House of Webs, the House where the weavers live and work. She works hard, is rather quiet, and takes turns being a night-watchman inside the House. However, she has a couple of dangerous secrets: she’s one of the Dreams, who spread the deadly Dream Plague. If anyone finds out, she will be confined to the Tainted House. She can also read and write which is a rare skill in this world, so she must constantly conceal her skills.”