Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today, the topic is Top Ten Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had.

1, Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next is a literary detective which means that she can go into books! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

2, Irene Winters in Genevieve Cogman’s Secret Library series

Irene Winters has one of the the coolest jobs ever: she buys or steals books from different dimensions. She’s also a spy and problem solver.

3, Ororo Munroe/ Storm by Chris Claremont and various others in the X-Men comics

Especially if I got her powers to go with the job.

4, Amelia Peabody-Emerson by Elizabeth Peters in the Amelia Peabody series.

She’s a amateur archeologist and an amateur sleuth in Victorian times. She also has a wonderful husband and son to support her.

5, Pyanfar Chanur by C. J. Cherryh in Pride of Chanur

Pyanfar is the captain of a small merchant starship, Pride of Chanur. Her six crewmembers are all women from her own family and most are experienced space travelers.

6, Will Laurence by Naomi Novik in the Temeraire series

The captains of huge war dragons aren’t well thought of in English society, but they have wonderful cameraderie and of course, the companionship of intelligent dragons.

7, Elma York by Mary Robinette Kowal in the Lady Astronaut of Mars series

Elma York is a brilliant woman but she lives in 1960s US which means that she’s constantly put down and belittled even though she’s a former WASP pilot and now a calculator for the space program. But she doesn’t allow the men to stop her reaching her dream: to become an astronaut.

8, Penric by Lois McMaster Bujold

In Bujold’s fantasy novellas, Penric is a scholar and a sorcerer. He has a demon inside him and the demon can work magic.

9, Lady Sybil Ramkin by Terry Pratchett

Pratchett has quite a few very interesting characters and it was difficult to choose from them. Sybil is very high born and very wealthy. She doesn’t have a job, as such, but rescues dragons. But the best thing about her is her relentless kindness.

10, Isaac Vainio by Jim C. Hines

Isaac is a libriomancer: he can pull out objects out of books. And that means fantasy and SF books, too! He’s a secret agent in a secret organizion dedicated to protecting humans from supernatural threats.