Collects Trinity Annual 1 and Trinity issues 12-16.


Writers: Rob Williams
Artists: V. Ken Marion, Guillem March

The collection starts with the Annual where Lex Luthor abandons his place in the Dark Trinity alongside Circe and Ra’s Al Ghul. Circe and Ra’s continue to plot while Jason Blood investigates the Pandora Pits. Inside Blood is the demon Etrigan, as he has been for a thousand years. But when Ra’s draws Etrigan’s blood and it drips to the Pandora Pits, Etrigan is freed. The demon is free to rampage in a nearby Greek City. He draws a horde of lesser demons to him and wants to kill every human.

Bruce has invited Diana and Clark to a meal in a posh restaurant in Gotham City. However, they’re interrupted almost immediately when Blood sends a disturbing picture to Bruce. They head to Blood location and when the demon horde descends on the city, they’re close enough to defend it.

Jason Blood is also free of the demon which he has kept caged inside him for a millennia and he’s not eager to resume the bond, even if it were possible.

This was a very action packed story of Trinity fighting the demons. I felt that the ending was a bit of a cop-out even though I knew it was coming.

The next four issues are the Dark Trinity storyline. John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman come to a remote mansion in Gotham. Batman asked them here because Red Hood, Batman’s former Robin, has been possessed by a demon. He asks Deadman to go inside Red Hood to break the possession. Deadmand tries to do that. Instead, Red Hood swallows both Deadman and Zatanna. Literally. Constantine hesitates but in the end he makes a gateway to Red Hood’s mouth so that he can follow Deadman and Zatanna and hopefully rescue them.

Then Artemis and Bizarro attack. They, too, have been possessed. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman fight them.

This is a very fight-heavy storyline. We find out Circe’s motivation and plans.

The final issue is a one-shot during New Year’s Eve. A devious criminal gang Kobra has kidnapped Deadshot’s daughter. The Trinity helps him. Again, the ending was rather open.

While this was an entertaining collection, I felt that it wasn’t as good as the previous Trinity stories. There aren’t many bonding moments between our heroes. Circe and Ra’s interact a bit but the other two trinities don’t. Mostly it’s just fighting.