Collects issues 5-8.


Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Dan McDaid, Ethan Young

I liked this second volume better than the first because we’re shown a little of what Zoe and Mal did during the war.

At the end of the previous volume Alliance’s bounty hunter (called Unificator) Boss Moon arrested Mal for war crimes and flew off with him. Zoe wants to go after him, as soon as the engine is repaired. On the other hand, Jayne think it’s good riddance but follows Zoe, at gunpoint. Also, the crew has picked up a handsome and well-mannered bandit general who is flirting with Kaylee. Simon, of course, is only now noticing Kaylee.

Meanwhile in space, Mal is talking with Moon who has a mighty big chip on her shoulder from Unification War. He tries to fight with her, but during the fight the ship crashes to a planet which has very hostile animals. They just might have to rely on each other to get out alive.

While picking of gossip, Zoe meet a group of Browncoats who want to help her. So, she decides that it’s too dangerous for the rest of the crew to go after Mal. And she leaves with the Browncoats, leaving the rest of the crew behind.

At the end, the collection has a short story about how Moon became a bounty hunter. There’s also a cover gallery and a couple of pages of the script.

Of course, because this adventure happens before the movies, we know how things are going to turn out. The crew ends up very divided. Especially Jayne’s greed and self-serving nature turns him against the others. (On the other hand, there’s a hilarious subplot about him which I throughly enjoyed.) Also, it’s almost painful to see Kaylee starting to fall for the bandit when we know that he’ll die dramatically or something. Also, Inara, Simon, and River don’t have much to do. But, Boss Moon is growing on me and I enjoyed her and Mal’s interaction. I also enjoyed the crews interactions a lot.

Still, I enjoyed this volume a bit more than the first one. But I still don’t care for the art. I can’t recognize anyone.