Collects two Black Widow miniseries: Itsy-Bitsy Spider 1-3 from 1999 and Breakdown 1-3 from 2001.


Writers: Devin Grayson, Greg Rucka
Artists: J. G. Jones, Scott Hampton
Publisher: Marvel

These stories have some connecting points but they’re very different in both plotting and art.

The first miniseries is drawn in a very conventional 1990s superhero style with skintight constumes and lots of ass and tit shots.

Both US and Russia send Natasha to Rhapastan to locate and destroy a deadly gas that first makes its victims murderous and then ages them until they die. The big complication is young Yelena Belowa who is willing graduated from the ”Red Room”. She’s a patriotic Russian and wants to become the real Black Widow, by killing Natasha, of course. Natasha is concerned with keeping the young woman alive and showing her the error of the ways while making sure nobody will get the gas.

In this timeline, Nat is in her fifties but the super soldier serum keeps her young. She’s dating Daredevil who appears in the story.

The second story isn’t a typic superhero story and the art is also very different with almost watercolor like colors.

Nat decides to make it brutally clear to Yelena just what a life as a spy means. To do that, Nick Fury helps her. In a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, doctors make Nat look like Yelena and Yelena look like Nat. Shield also helps put Yelena to Nat’s life. Yelena quickly becomes very confused. Nat also does some spy stuff, too.

This was very unusual story, in the spirit of the Face/Off movie.

This gives a rather strange view of Natasha. It’s an OK collection but very clearly made in 1990s.