Collects Star Wars issues 8-12.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Stuart Immonen, Simone Bianchi, Wade von Grawbadger
Publisher: Marvel
Publishing year: 2016

This was a great SW adventure! It has pretty much all the elements I look for in SW. It doesn’t start right where the first volume left off but I recommend reading the first volume, Skywalker strikes, first. It’s set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back and stars the old familiar cast. And does so excellently.

In this collection, the first issue is a section from Ben Kenobi’s diary. He’s on Tatooine, hiding. It’s very frustrating for him to stay hidden and just watch the suffering of people in the hands of water bandits and Jabba. But he manages, mostly.

The rest of the collection continues the story arch from the first volume. Leia and Han are on an uninhabited planet looking for a new base for the rebels. Of course, things go sideways. First, they’re confronted by a female bounty hunter Sana Solo… Han’s wife! Han tries to protest that they aren’t married but when Imperial troops start shooting at them, Leia has no time to listen. In the end, Sana fights alongside our heroes, constantly bickering with Han.

Meanwhile, Luke is reading Ben’s diary and has the very bad idea that he wants to go to Coruscant and see for himself what he can find from the old Jedi Temples. To get to Coruscant, he and R2 go to Nar Shaddaa, called the Smuggler’s Moon. It’s in Hutt territory and full of criminals, mostly smugglers, but others, too. So, things don’t go well for him, either. A Hutt captures him but not to give him to the Empire but so that Luke can fight in an arena and entertain the locals.

This isn’t high on drama but that’s fine because we already know what’s going to happen to the characters and that they’re not going to be seriously hurt. (Although… they could be seriously enough hurt to need serious bacta tank time.) I enjoyed the fight scenes and the quirky Hutt. Han and Sana were also quite entertaining.

This story fits in surprising well between the movies.