Will Scarlet is another famous Merry Man and he appears in most modern retellings. Sometimes, he’s a hothead, sometimes Robin’s cousin.

In my stories, he’s quite a mellow bloke. He loves to sing and play the lute and many young women have fallen for his charms. He also loves to wrestle and fights with his sword when necessary. He’s a Norman who got in so much trouble, over a lady of course, that he was made an outlaw. As a Norman, he doesn’t have much skill with a bow even though he has been practicing since he joined Robin’s men.

He wants to always wear something red but if a disguise makes it impossible, he’d rather have the adventure, even dressed plainly.

Out of all Robin’s men, Will Scarlet has most in common with the troubadour Alan a Dale. Unfortunately, my next story doesn’t have a duet for them, but hopefully I can sneak is one at some point.