Little John could be the most famous of the Merry Men. Or who comes to your mind first?

In my stories Little John is Robin’s right hand man and childhood friend. He’s also from Locksley and they grew up together both working on the fields and secretly battling with quarterstaves.

In fact, in my stories Robin and Little John first became outlaws together.

John is usually level-headed and calm, thinking things through before acting. Indeed, he usually acts as a peacemaker and a voice of reason for his friends. When Robin is away, Little John is the leader.

But when he becomes angry, all bets are off. That’s what gets him in trouble in my next story, Robin Hood and the Impostors.

John’s most distinguishing feature is his height, over seven feet tall. He’s also brawny with broad shoulders. He is legendary for his skills with a quarterstaff and he’s also a good shot with the longbow. However, as a peasant he hasn’t had much practice with a sword until the first Norman join Robin’s band. He also has a habit of embellishing his own stories (well, who doesn’t?). He loves kids but hasn’t had much luck in romance department. Of course, women aren’t too keen on marrying a man who has a price on his head.

He’s proud to be a Merry Man and is more dedicated to fighting injustice than just having fun.