Collects issues 1-4 from the DC / Malibu miniseries of the same name.

Writers: Michael Jan Friedman, Mike W. Barr
Artists: Gordon Purcell,  Terry Pallot, Jason Palmer

This was a fun series which united the two casts for the first time in comics. It’s set after the crossover episode “Birthright” on TNG’s sixth season and after Odo met Lwaxana Troi in DS9’s first season “The Forsaken”.

Enterprise-D is visiting DS9 and brings a Vulcan Admiral who wants to go to the Gamma Quadrant himself. As the Admiral’s runabout enters the wormhole, it acts strangely and the runabout doesn’t answer any hails. It vanishes and nobody else can go though the wormhole. Starfleet appoints Picard as the leader of the investigation but Picard acknowledges that Sisko knows the situation better and agrees to work with him.

Odo, Kira, and Worf surprise a group of Cardassians who are trying to access the station’s old Cardassian computer links. They beam away before they can be questioned. Meanwhile on Bajor, the energies coursing through the wormhole’s are affecting the weather and the Bajorans are close to rioting.

When a shuttle has been modified enough that it can go through, Picard sends Riker, Troi, Dax, Odo, and Data after the runabout and Kira insists on going with them. While they investigate on the Gamma Quadrant, the others try to help Bajor with natural disasters and calming down the people.

This is a fun comic but suffered from way too much characters. Still, we got good moments between Kira and Riker and between Deanna and Odo. O’Brian also had a few moments with his old acquaintances. I also liked Dax and Data although their interactions were way too brief. The exchange between Geordi and Rom at the beginning was also fun. The covers are gorgeously painted and the artwork actually looks like the characters.