A stand-alone novella in the world of Clockwork Century. But it’s not steampunk.

I bought it as part of the Subterranean bundle back in 2015.

Publication year: 2015
Format: ebook
Page count at GoodReads: 181
Publisher: Subterranean Press

I thoroughly enjoyed Priest’s other Clockwork Century books and was expecting more action/adventure steampunk. But this novella is quite different. It’s horror and builds up slowly. If you like that, this story will most likely work for you.

It has a few references to the rest of the series, but not much.

Sister Eileen Callahan, a nun, has written to padre Juan Miguel Quintero Rios about the Jacaranda Hotel in Galveston. Many people have died there, horribly, and the nun believes that only the padre’s special skills will stop the hotel from killing again. When Rios arrives, he notices that the hotel seems to be alive and threatening. The nun tells him the legends about its terrible past. Yet, the local authorities simply ignore the horrible deaths. Sister Eileen has also asked for the Texas Rangers for help and one of them arrives. However, everyone at the hotel seem to have their own dark pasts, including the padre himself.

The nun, the father, and the Texas Ranger investigate but time runs short when a hurricane approaches.

The story has a great atmosphere and vivid characters. Rios is the third person POV character and he has a distinctive voice.