The fourth novella in the delightful Murderbot series.

Publication year: 2018
Format: ebook
Page count on GoodReads: 176
Publisher: Tor

After it found some information that would condemn the multiplanet corporation GrayCris, Murderbot is returning to its former… well, Dr. Mensah might be its only friend but also its former owner, so it has quite conflicting feelings about her. However, the humans think that Murderbot is a rogue security android so it must pretend to be human so that it’s not arrested immediately. This causes our hero quite a bit of stress. Then it finds out that GrayCris has apparently kidnapped Dr. Mensah so that she couldn’t testify against them.

Against its better judgement, Murderbot decides to rescue her.

This was a great ending to the series where the story comes to a full circle, returning to the people in All Systems Red. Both the story and the character are very funny and snarky but Murderbot must also confront its own feelings which isn’t something it was built to do.

Excellent series and I’m really looking forward to reading the book.