Collects miniseries House of X issues 1-6 and Powers of X issues 1-6.

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Pepe Larraz, R. B. Silva

So, this is apparently the newest reboot of the X-Men. I enjoyed Hickman’s Fantastic Four and mostly enjoyed his Avengers, too. I also enjoy alternate worlds and time-travel. And yet… this didn’t quite work for me.

Hickman gives us four timelines. One is year 0 (for X-Men) where Xavier comes up with his dream and meets with Moira MacTaggart who is very different character. Year 10 is closest to our “current” timeline except that Cyclops, Wolverine, and Xavier (and various other mutants) are alive and well. Year 100 is (yet another) depressing future where mutants are a hunted minority trying to survive. In year 1000, post-humanity is trying to make a deal with advanced aliens.

I can’t really talk much about year 0 without massive spoilers. In the “now” of the continuity, Xavier has allied himself with a sentient island Krakoa and is creating it as a paradise to all mutants. And he’s inviting every mutant on Earth, including all the villains. Magneto is his right hand man.

This is a sprawling epic. Magneto, Moira, and Xavier are in the middle of it all, the others are really on the sidelines. Hickman has crammed the two miniseries full of plot. We get short flashes of story which is then interrupted by page or two of text, explaining plot elements. This didn’t work for me.

At first, I didn’t really care for this. It felt confusing and too convoluted. But in the end, it did hold up. It also changed the status quo of the mutants. I guess it reminded me too much of Utopia which I didn’t really care for. My golden age of X-Men is the Claremont/Byrne/Romita JR era and this is very different to say the least. Yet, I’m eager to see where Marvel will continue with the X-Men.