The fifth book in the Expanse science fiction series.

Publication year: 2015
Format: print
Page count: 532
Publisher: Orbit

Nemesis Games is quite different from the previous four books. For once, all four point-of-view characters are familiar to us. In fact, they’re the Rocinante crew. Yes, this is the book which shows us their past and reveals their secrets. I’ve guessed some of them, but the book had a few surprises.

Holden is the most familiar POV character, after all, he’s been one of the POV character in every book. But this time Amos, Alex, and Naomi also get their own POVs.

The book starts some months after the end of Cibola Burn. The Rocinante took quite a beating and is now under repairs at Tycho Station. So, the crew takes some time off.

Amos gets a message that his oldest friend has died on Earth so he heads there. He meets up with some of his old buddies, who are criminals.

Naomi also gets a message but she just leaves, without saying where. Turns out that her ex sent a message that their son is in trouble. Yes, this is the book where we see what really drove Naomi to the Canterbury.

Alex wants a resolution with his ex-wife and goes to Mars. However, the ex has her own life now and doesn’t want Alex in it. But he meets with the former gunnery sergeant Bobbie Draper who isn’t settling well in civilian life. She’s investigating Martian military ships which have disappeared and Alex agrees the help her.

Meanwhile, Ben Johnson talks with Holden about ships which go missing when they go through the Ring. Holden agrees to investigate.

Finally seeing the POVs of the rest of the Rocinante crew was good. However, it’s also depressing because Amos and Naomi have troubled backgrounds and Alex’s isn’t much better. I also found difficulty believing that Naomi would just abandon her son.

About halfway though, the Expanse status quo is changed in a radical way. It already had a lot of conflict because some of the Belters think that the rest of the humanity are going to just abandon them, when they go through the Ring and settled the alien planets. Also, the Martians are leaving Mars and the terraforming effort. But now things escalated to a different direction.

The end wrapped up the immediate problems the characters had but nothing is resolved.

I mostly enjoyed the book but it was, again, different than what I wanted it to be. Instead of exploring the bigger galaxy, Expanse is about humans being shitty to each other. The last chapter teases about the aliens returning.