The second book in the humorous fantasy the Clocktaur War duology.

Publication year: 2018
Format: Audio
Running time: 10 hours 14 minutes
Narrators: Khristine Hvam

This is the second half of the book Clockwork Boys where a forger, a fallen paladin, an assassin, and a scholar are sent on pain of death to find out how to stop the mechanical enemies of their country.

In the beginning of this second book, the our heroes have just reached Anuket City. They must start researching just how to stop the mechanical soldiers. But first, they need warm baths and hot food. Then Slate, the forger, gets to visit her old contacts from whom she fled the city years ago. Learned Edmund also hunting information his own way. However, everyone in the group are keeping secrets from each other.

I loved the new character Ashes Magnus! I enjoyed the Anuket City. I enjoyed the gnoles which are badge-like creatures who do all the scud work in the city where people constantly look down on them and are convinced they spread a disease. The humor worked for me. The story has many, many wonderfully comedic moments.

However, the last hour of the book was the resolution of the romance, after a climatic plot resolution. The book also left some questions wide open. There’s definitely room for an sequel here, perhaps with different characters, although I’d love to see our couple working together.

I enjoyed listening to this and the narrator did an excellent job. But it still think that Learned Edwina would’ve been far funnier than Edmund, even if he did have his moments.

“We’re not all tragic heroes. Someone of us are just tragic.”

“It could,” acknowledged Slate, “but show me a clandestine operation without leaks, and I’ll show you one where everybody involved is dead.”
“We’re a clandestine operation,” said Caliban.

“Shame flitted briefly over Brenner’s face, but found itself in unfamiliar surroundings and didn’t settle.””

“People do the stupidest shit and you want to scream that it’s against their own interests and you never know if they’re playing some deep game you don’t know about or if they’re really just that stupid.”

“Stealing from a library?” said Learned Edmund in horror.