Part of the Wyrd and Wonder month.

I’m a reader and I love books about books. Not just Giles and the gang reading books to find out how to defeat the big bad or Morpheus talking with Lucien in Dream’s library (as delightful as those scenes are) but books playing a bigger part in the story. So far, I’ve found three such fantasy series:

The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman
This series has many, many parallel worlds. They’re all joined by the Library and the Librarians can travel from one world to the next… by using mortal libraries! The Librarians also steal, ahem, acquire certain books.

The worlds influence and are influenced by two powerful groups: the dragons, representing order, and the fae who are chaos. The worlds themselves run from steampunk worlds to medieval worlds to our current technology, and more. The more chaotic a world is, the more likely it is that it has magic. This is a series with both dragons and fae and lots of books!

Irene Adler is the main character and POV character. She starts as a junior Librarian who is assigned her first trainee, Kai. Irene is used to working alone and she doesn’t want a trainee tagging at her heels. Irene’s main duty is the acquire books.

Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde
This is an alternative universe where the people are very enthusiastic about art, especially literature, to the point that people change their names to classical poets and instead of door-to-door missionaries, they have the Baconists who go door-to-door and try to convince people that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Thursday herself is a literature detective; she goes after stolen books.

She’s sent to Swindon where the SO-5 office has two officers who specialize on Shakespeare related crimes: “They keep an eye on forgery, illegal dealing and overtly free thespian interpretations. The actor with them was Graham Huxtable. He was putting on a felonious one-man performance of Twelfth Night.”

Thursday’s uncle has invented the Prose Portal through which a real person is able to actually enter in books. In this case, Jane Eyre.

Magic Ex Libris series by Jim C. Hines
This series is set in modern times but it has wizards who can pull objects out of books. The main character Isaac Vainio is such a libriomancer. However, the wizards can only pull out objects which are small enough to come out of a book, so no X-Wings or Enterprise but Excalibur and fasta-penta qualify! The books also need enough readers before magic happens, so the wizards can’t just write their own books. And ebooks don’t count.

The wizards are an organization which has been secretly protecting humans from vampires and other baddies for centuries. Johannes Gutenberg founded them and he is still alive and running them. Isaac himself works as a librarian in small town library. He’s also an SFF fan and wears a long brown coat because of Captain Mal Reynolds! And he has a pet fire spider Smudge.

I know that Rachel Caine has the Great Library series but I haven’t started it yet.
Any other similar series?