A lecture series in the Great Courses series.

Publication year: 2013
Format: Audio
Running time: 12 hours 19 minutes
Narrator: Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius

I love spy fiction so when this course was in one of Audibles two listens for one credit, I took it.

This is an overview of espionage through the ages, starting from ancient world all the way to the modern era. The period that I was most interested in, the ancient world, got just one lecture so it was way too brief for my tastes, but otherwise I greatly enjoyed this. (Of course, modern times have way, way more sources.) It’s a very good starting place. Liulevicius gives us a lot of examples of all the eras he touches on and there are a couple of chapters about spy fiction, too. We don’t actually get to know much about what the spies did, in day to day spying, though. He makes it clear that literally anyone could be a spy: a silk merchant, a dancer, a highly respected general.

He doesn’t much mention the morals or ethics of spying as a profession but offers some insight into why certain people become spies.

The course includes the pdf course guidebook.